Oppo A-Series of Devices Oversee Price Revision in Indian Market

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Oppo, the popular Chinese smartphone brand that has a good foothold in the Indian market, especially in the offline market in the country on Thursday announced price revision for certain models of devices sold in the country. This revision is in relation to the A-series of devices, which are budget to mid-range handsets offered by the company.

The change in prices is being taken live, starting today, July 1, 2021. This news was first shared by Twitter users @AbhishekYadav and since then, the price revisions have been reflected by the company on online listings and popular retail sites. On Twitter, Abhishek shared a list of a small number of models with their revised prices.

This list included the Oppo A11K, which is now on offer for just Rs 8,990, with this price being the original launch price for the handset that was launched back in June of 2020, with the price having been hiked since then.

What Are The Price Revisions?

Much like this, the Oppo A15 series of devices have also seen a price revision, with the 2GB+32GB variant now on offer for just Rs 9,490 with the 3+32GB variant on offer for Rs 10,490. This is not a rise from the original offer price, but since then the price hikes made a bit of a change in the cost of the handset.

Finally, the Oppo A15s is now on offer for Rs 12,490, a Rs 1000 hike from the Rs 11,490 selling price, whilst the Oppo A53's 8+128GB variant now on offer for Rs 17,990, post a similar Rs 1000 hike from the original Rs 16,990 selling price.

This shift is in line with the price hikes that have taken place for multiple brands, including Xiaomi, which had raised the prices for the company's Mi TVs. Similarly, the Redmi Note 10 too saw its third price hike in India earlier this month.

This comes due to a shortage of semiconductors, with various firms also struggling to maintain a proper and consistent supply for multiple of their products. The automobiles and the consumer electronics market are two additional industries affected by the same.

With no end to COVID-19 in sight for the near future, despite the constant vaccine developments, this issue of semiconductors and the residual effects of the price increase seem to be set to happen for the near future, at least until the production of these valuable chips and components achieve a bit of balance.

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