Openwave Mobility helps European and Asian operators to monetize video streaming

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As a means to introduce highly competitive video packages, the telecom operators in Asia and Europe have engaged Openwave Mobility, the software company that helps operators manage and monetize video consumption.


A similar move was recently seen from T-Mobile in the United States, which launched Binge On Plan. With Binge On, Simple Choice users on a qualifying plan are free to stream unlimited video on their favorite services like YouTube, Netflix, HBO NOW, and many more without using the high-speed data on phone.

To emulate the aforesaid plan, Openwave Mobility has developed a data-monetization calculator for operators, which will consider various factors and market conditions to design an optimization technology for a range of services to boost revenues and reduce network loads. Alongside, the company has streamlined the onboarding and integration process for operators launching new video services.

“There are strategies mobile operators can adopt to go beyond what Binge On has achieved so far,” said John Giere, President and CEO of Openwave Mobility. “They can increase ARPU by 10% and attract new subscribers with innovative plans. Best of all, they can deliver outstanding quality and still lessen the load on their network.”

Openwave Mobility claims that its NFV-enabled solutions will provide full coverage straight-out-of-the-box without any compromise in the quality. This empowers mobile operators to make partnerships with Over-the-Top (OTT) service providers and quickly launch new innovative services and secure new revenue streams.

“Our technology empowers operators to call the shots. They can agree with OTT providers what content can be zero-rated and under what conditions. It is your network – take control,” added Giere.

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