OnePlus Phones All Set to Get Tons of Video Based Features and Improvements

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OnePlus is the kind of tech company which bases a lot of its innovation from what its users want. This is so much true that the company goes on to hold an Open Ear Forum every year to listen to its users as to what it should bring in terms of hardware in the consequent year. This year’s Open Ears forum from OnePlus was held in New York. Now after this forum, OnePlus has made a post on its online community which details about what the brand is going to be doing in the coming months with its upcoming smartphones and how it will be bringing better features for the users. One of the things that OnePlus will do with the inputs that it has received is upgraded autofocus and stabilisation in the 4K camera. This is one of the many improvements which OnePlus would be making to its smartphones.


OnePlus Video Quality to Get Better Sharpness and Skin Tone

One of the things that OnePlus has also discussed is the colour and autofocus tuning in its cameras. The brand has said that it will consider tuning all the built-in cameras of the OnePlus phones to provide identical white balance and exposure along with consistency in colours as well. Not only this, but the company will also work to provide consistent autofocus on its camera by working on both the software side and on the hardware side as well. Basing its improvements on the user feedback, OnePlus will be fine-tuning its skin tone representation on the camera using future updates. The company has also said that it would be working on the camera to strike a balance between the sharpness and noise to improve the overall sharpness of the pictures. Some of the video-based dynamic HDR problems that the brand is facing will also be worked upon, OnePlus has said in its community forum. Some of the flickering light issues will also be solved on the OnePlus phones.

Some of the other changes which the OnePlus users might see in 2020 include panning shots stabilisation and smoothness and faster shutter. As per OnePlus, the faster shutter performance would come to the OnePlus phones with software improvements.

Recording From Multiple Lenses

One of the features that OnePlus phones support is 4K recording. But, even with multiple cameras, the 4K recording is not supported by all the cameras available on the phone. Now OnePlus is planning that it will expand 4K video recording support across all its available sensors. Not only this, but the users will be given a choice to select the lenses between recording. Also, there could be simultaneous video recording with two lenses and dark mode for video as well — other areas where OnePlus is working on include zooming support for time-lapses and 4K video recording length.

More Edition Options for Users

There are some other features as well on which OnePlus is working on, and these include colour grading and LUT options and some of the video editing options in the gallery. OnePlus has also revealed that some research already been conducted on how the phones can do a depth of field-based telephoto recording. However, as per the brand, the quality which it has been able to attain is not impressive enough to be released to the public. These improvements are also expected to be part of the new OnePlus 8 series which will likely debut some months from now. OnePlus has also recently showcased its 120 Hz QHD+ Fluid Display Technology.

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