Upcoming OnePlus TV Teased to Cost Less Than Rs 20,000

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OnePlus has been having a good time in the Indian market with its smartphones. Another category of products which it seeks to make a place in the market for is Smart TVs. OnePlus launched its first Smart TV series last year which was named OnePlus TV Q1 series. The Q1 TV series was launched in a very expensive segment. But now, OnePlus is again launching a new Smart TV series which is teased to start at less than Rs 20,000. The launch will take place on July 2. Additionally, two products have been spotted on the Bluetooth SIG from OnePlus and they are none other than the new OnePlus TV series products.

OnePlus TV Series to be Priced Cheap

OnePlus took to twitter and has released a teasing image saying their new product will cost less than Rs 20,000 and more than Rs 10,000. Even though OnePlus hasn’t confirmed anything about the product they have teased the price about, it is clear from the bezels present on the image that it is for one of the new OnePlus TV series product. Also, from the listing at Bluetooth SIG, it is clear that the new Smart TVs from OnePlus come in multiple screen sizes.

However, there are two TV sizes present in the Bluetooth SIG listings. The model numbers of the devices are — 32HA0A00 and 43FA0A00. So it can be assumed that these model numbers also hint at the possible TV dimensions. There can be two variants of the Smart TVs from OnePlus: 32-inch and 43-inch.

The new listing at the Bluetooth SIG shows that the new Smart TVs might be using LED panels which is not bad given they will be priced on the lower side. There will be Bluetooth 5.0 support on both the devices. Two remote controls have also been certified by the Bluetooth SIG and their model numbers are — RC-002B and RC-002C. Both these remotes can also belong to the 32-inch and 43-inch OnePlus TVs. Even though there is no official confirmation from OnePlus, it can be expected that the new Smart TVs might be running with Android 9 Pie on top of OxygenOS and should be able to support all the major OTT apps.

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