Quick Ways to Resolve Frequent Broadband Disconnection Issues

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Broadband disconnection is one of the most common problems which every digital user face. Whether you are working on laptop, tablet or smartphone, frequent disconnection of internet hampers the flow of work and create an external hassle for users. Now there can be many reasons which disconnect the internet. Some of the issues might be from the modem, and some of the issues might happen because of the problem in connection lines. However, if there is no fault in cable lines, users can do some of the simple things to keep their broadband connection stable. Also, with a stable broadband connection, users will be able to do their work comfortably. Here are some of the easy ways which every internet user can do for a stable broadband connection.

Plug Out Modem

Similar to a desktop or laptop, modems have CPU, memory and their operating system. With continuous use, modems heat up and internet disconnects often. Not only this, since our internet service providers allot Dynamic IP address to routers. However, if modems are heated up and occupied in multiple tabs and activities, it will not be able to catch the dynamic IP, which will result in broadband disconnection. To ensure steady and stable broadband connection, users will just have to plug out the power source of the modem, let the modem cool down and then plug in the power source again. This will ensure that the modem will catch the dynamic IP address shared by the internet service provider and users get a stable broadband connection for comfortable browsing time.

Firmware Update

Sometimes internet disconnects due to old firmware in modems. The buggy software inside the modem creates a hassle for users as it is one of the major reasons for frequent broadband disconnection. However, users will just have to update the firmware. Once the firmware is updated, users will witness a stable broadband connection. Not only this, but users will also witness faster internet speed when they update the firmware.

Eliminate Hidden Viruses in Computer Systems

Another major reason which results in broadband disconnection is harmful viruses. Sometimes users download various files which contain detrimental viruses which eat up the resources of the entire device. Users can download anti-virus software and eliminate all the hidden harmful viruses from the system to ensure stable internet connectivity for smooth flow of work and entertainment.

Change Modem Channel Settings

If the users operate in a Wi-Fi connection, several noises from various other devices and even signal from other router create noise which also results in frequent internet disconnection. The reason the Wi-Fi connection gets trouble from noise is because of the connection set up on the common 2.4Ghz band, which is overcrowded. Since the airwaves are crowded, modems don’t get enough signals and network to maintain a stable broadband connection. However, users don’t have to worry. The problem can be simply solved by changing the modem channel from the modem settings. Also, users can switch to the 5Ghz band if their modem setting allows, which is not crowded to ensure that the receiving device gets all the signal from the modem and steady broadband connection is maintained for comfortable and hassle-free browsing.

Broadband Connection Analyser Apps

There are various apps which accelerate the speed of the internet. Not only this, but various apps also help the users to optimise ping and increase the bandwidth of the broadband connection. Users can keep their broadband connection effective and efficient with the help of such apps. However, users must evaluate all the apps and their working before sharing allowing various permissions to the app.

These are some of the most basic ways through which users can solve their broadband disconnection problem. However, if the problem is still alive, users must inform their internet service provider and ask for a proper explanation. In case if there is a fault in the modem, internet service providers must replace it with a working modem. Also, if there is a fault in the internet cable connection, internet service providers must fix it and ensure that their customers don’t face external hassle because of internet disconnections

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