OnePlus Concerned About Battery Life in Smaller Phones, 5G Will Also Present Hurdles: Pete Lau

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Recently, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau talked to media and discussed OnePlus’ plans and the company’s take on 5G phones. During the question and answer session, the executive said that OnePlus wishes to design a smaller phone, but it also wants to accomplish the smaller form factor by preserving the battery life. The CEO also talked about the upcoming 5G smartphone by OnePlus, and he revealed that the new 5G smartphone might be tied to a particular carrier. Pete Lau also added that with the coming of 5G the smartphone manufacturers are going to face a new set of problems. However, in his words, OnePlus will be serious about solving these problems.


Only Hurdle in Smaller OnePlus Phones - Battery Life

Pete Lau acknowledged that OnePlus has come across a demand for smaller phones in the market. Since the last few years, the market has mostly witnessed phones which feature a screen larger than 6-inches. The last small phone was the iPhone SE by Apple, which has also been discontinued now. The OnePlus CEO said that the company wants to design a phone with a smaller form factor, but the major hurdle in this path is the concern of short battery life. The small build of the device will mean a smaller battery, and since the battery technology has not advanced that much in the past few years, the phone will likely only make it to the end of the day. He added, that as soon as OnePlus solves this battery problem, the company will be on the task of making a smaller phone.

OnePlus released a smaller smartphone in the form of OnePlus X in the past, but we all know how it was criticised for the poor battery life.

New OnePlus 5G Phone to Come Attached With a Carrier

Also, OnePlus has admitted that with the coming of 5G there will be new problems to tackle. To recall, the brand has already hinted that it would be launching a 5G enabled phone besides its usual line-up since the new phone is expected to be a bit high priced. The Chinese OEM manufacturer remarked that the new fifth generation network technology would bring ten times more speed to mobile devices, as compared to the 4G LTE. This higher speed would mean that the bulk of the data would be on the cloud, thus making it more prone to security attacks. To counter this situation, OnePlus will partner up with a Security company to come up with a solution for better security of its customers’ data.

The company also revealed that its upcoming 5G smartphone would be based on sub-6GHz frequency bands only because they offer easy building technology. Also, since AT&T and Verizon base their 5G networks on mmWave builds, the new OnePlus 5G handset will function on the T-Mobile network, the company which first helped OnePlus in entering the USA. The CEO also added that the new 5G network technology would offer almost zero latency. Not only that, the executive did not miss the opportunity to promote the recently launched McLaren edition of the OnePlus 6T during this occasion.

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