OnePlus Should be Afraid of Xiaomi’s Next Move

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OnePlus has had a phenomenal history in India. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has launched some of the best value devices in the country over the last few years. However, the fans of the brand didn’t quite like its latest offering, the OnePlus 9 series. Most of the issues that occurred on its flagships were resolved with the help of software updates. However, there’s still one thing that OnePlus didn’t get right, and that is the price to performance ratio. There are literally devices priced lower or the same as the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro that are more powerful and comes with a better camera system. One such device is the Mi 11 Ultra.

OnePlus should be worried about this because even though Xiaomi doesn’t share the limelight as much as OnePlus does, Xiaomi is no small brand.

Xiaomi’s Hunger Keeps it Ahead

Xiaomi and its sub-brand Poco (independent now) and Redmi have all done well in India because of their hunger to provide maximum value to the users. The Mi 11 Ultra is a testament to that fact. Even though it doesn’t have OxygenOS, the device is nothing short of a beast.

It has a better camera system than the OnePlus 9 Pro, can support way more 5G bands, and also comes with a secondary display. In real-world performance, both the devices are quite close since both are powered by the same processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

But OnePlus takes an edge when it comes to the operating system (OS). The OxygenOS is one of the cleanest and the best Android OS in the entire smartphone world. For that, OnePlus deserves a ton of claps.

However, one thing that is noticeable and it is becoming more evident day by day is that OxygenOS has its shortcomings. It is not the OS itself but the bugs that the developers of the company are missing out on. Even on its older devices, such as the OnePlus 8T, the experience is still quite buggy.

OnePlus should be very careful with its next smartphone in the market. The fans are losing their love for the company. The OnePlus 9T could be the make or break situation for OnePlus in India. The company should really ensure that its OnePlus 9T that is expected to come out in October is bug-free, and the overall camera performance is also improved.

The OIS missing on the camera of the OnePlus 9 is quite strange, and that is something OnePlus needs to ensure that it includes in the OnePlus 9T.

At the same time, Xiaomi can keep launching killer devices, and with the power of the MIUI 12.5 and its clean experience, take away the OnePlus fans slowly.

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