Reliance Jio Was the Change Indian Telecom Needed

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Reliance Jio

There are a lot of people who appreciate what Reliance Jio offers to its users, and then there are many who belittle the telco’s efforts in providing a good network experience for cheap rates by saying that the company destroyed the Indian telecom industry. Many users blame Jio for the exit of several telecom operators a few years back. But Reliance Jio didn’t do anything wrong. It played by the rules and came to the top because of its competitive offers; nothing else. In a complete sense, Reliance Jio was what the Indian telecom needed. If you don’t believe that, just read ahead.

Reliance Jio Revolutionised the Way Indians Connect

According to a Nokia MBiT report, before Jio came to the market in 2016, each GB of data would cost an average of Rs 226. However, in 2019, the data rates fell to Rs 7 per GB. This helped people consume more data and also made online connectivity feasible and affordable for almost everyone.

Connectivity in rural areas started growing. People living in rural areas could also leverage the 4G networks of Jio for connecting with their loved ones. This change came because of Reliance Jio’s cheap tariff plans. Since Jio was offering unlimited data to the users, the same had to be followed by Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea (Vi) as well. This brought about a change in the tariff structure of the entire industry since Airtel and Vi couldn’t offer expensive plans anymore.

India’s data traffic and voice call traffic grew at an astounding rate post-2016, the year Jio came to the market. Voice calling became absolutely free, and there were no limits as well. Users could not only talk to their loved ones but also connect with their business teams any time of the day.

Why Do People Not Like Jio?

People don’t like Jio primarily because of two things. A) When it came to the market, it uprooted the entire industry, and a lot of companies went out of business, and B) Its quality of network has gone down significantly in the last two years.

The thing is, Jio’s not the ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ company that put other companies out of the market. The companies that went out or had to go bankrupt were simply incompetent, and this happens in business. It is important to remember that without Jio, users might still be paying more than Rs 200 for each GB of 4G data.

Talking about the quality of its network, Jio had been operating on the same spectrum resource in 2020 as it had in 2016. Because of no spectrum auctions, the telco couldn’t invest in its networks’ capacity, which resulted in network congestion.

However, Jio still offered the best coverage than any other operator in the whole country. It is remarkable that Jio being the new operator, expanded its network so fast that in a span of four years, it had more customers and offered better network coverage than operators who had been in the market for more than a decade.

So whether people accept it or not, Reliance Jio made it easier for millions of Indians to connect with each other, and the telco has been nothing but been a blessing for the country.

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