OnePlus Buds Pro Review: The Most Exciting Earbuds in India

The OnePlus Buds Pro support fast charge and with just 10 minutes of charging, it can perform for up to 10 hours. You can also charge these earbuds wirelessly if you want.


  • OnePlus Buds Pro is available for Rs 9,990 in India.
  • The sound is very clear, crisp, and loud.
  • Connecting the OnePlus Buds Pro to a OnePlus device is a fun experience.

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OnePlus Buds Pro

It has been quite some time since the OnePlus Buds Pro made it to the market in India. OnePlus has yet again done what it does best. The company has been able to deliver premium at the most affordable cost possible. Apple’s premium or Pro truly wireless stereo (TWS) earphones cost more than Rs 20,000 in India. This is serious money to pay for a pair of Bluetooth earphones. But worry not; if you want the same quality audio for a more affordable cost, you can give the OnePlus Buds Pro a try.

OnePlus Buds Pro Review: Case and Earbuds Design

OnePlus Buds Pro Review

The OnePlus Buds Pro come in two colours. I had the Black one. It looks really classy, and the box is in a square shape with round and soft edges made of plastic. The OnePlus branding at the top is very subtle and classy. The USB Type-C charging port is present at the back.

The charging case is very light and easy to fit in your pocket. You can easily take it anywhere you go without any worries.


The earphones inside the case look very much like the AirPods Pro but different enough to be recognised as a unique brand. There’s a metallic covering over the stem of the earphones. This is something that I have not seen in any other TWS earphones out in the market. Now, there might be some product like this, with this same design, but I am sure it won’t sound as good as the OnePlus Buds Pro and cost the same.

There’s a small light at the front of the case, which reflects the status of the charging and pairing. Opening and closing the case is really hard to do with one hand, which is actually good since the chance of you dropping the earphones inside reduces quite significantly.

OnePlus review

The magnetic hold of the charging case is quite strong. Even when I held and moved the charging case upside down with the upper lid open, the earphones didn’t fall. It is easy to understand which earphone is for the left ear and which is for the right.

There’s a button at the center inside the case which, when pressed long, will allow the earphones to go into pairing mode.

If the LED indicator outside the box is red, it means the charging is required for the earphones, and the case is required. Further, if it is green, it means that the earphones are connected to a device. When you long-press the button inside and put the earphones into pairing mode, you will notice white light in front.

OnePlus Buds Pro Review: Functions


Connecting the OnePlus Buds Pro to a OnePlus device is a fun experience. I don’t know if it works the same way with every other device, but I used to connect the OnePlus Buds Pro with the OnePlus Nord CE 5G.

When trying to pair with a OnePlus smartphone, you will get a graphic on your phone’s screen asking you whether you want to connect. When you tap on the Connect button, it will tell you how you can change the settings and modes of the earphone.

If you pinch the earbud’s handle for a second, the noise state will be switched. You can also perform an earbud fit test to ensure that you get the best experience out of noise cancellation mode.

Once paired, you will be able to see the battery percentage of the case as well as each individual earbud on your smartphone. If you want to play or pause video/audio, answer/end calls, you just need to pinch the handle of the earbuds once. The pinch will take place in the ‘metallic’ stem area.

OnePlus Buds Pro Design

If you want to reject an incoming call or want to play the next track, just pinch the earbud’s handle twice. There’s also a way for going back to the previous track - pinch the earbud’s handle thrice. In the same way, you can also activate the voice assistant on your smartphone.

There are three noise modes you can change to when using the earphones. The first is the Noise Cancellation-on mode, the second is Noise Cancellation off mode, and the third is the transparent mode.

There are a lot more functions such as ‘Find My Buds’ and more that are available with the OnePlus Buds Pro if you go to the additional settings of the earbuds. Enough about the functions now, let me tell you how these earbuds sound.

OnePlus Buds Pro Review: Audio Experience

OnePlus Buds

OnePlus Buds Pro is one of the best earbuds or earphones I have ever used. Going forward, I don’t think I am going to be using any other TWS product for a long-time. Not only is it affordable, but it also brings the complete suite of premium features to the table for the users.

The sound is very clear, crisp, and loud. Bass experience is at the right level, meaning not too much and not too low. It is enough to give you the best sound experience. Whether it is a podcast, movie, or anything else that you are watching, you are guaranteed to have a superior sound experience if you are using the OnePlus Buds Pro.

I have taken the OnePlus Buds Pro in multiple environments while running, walking, and even in loud parties. The results were just phenomenal because of the kind of sound quality and the noise cancellation experience that the OnePlus Buds Pro delivered.

OnePlus Buds Pro Review: Price and Conclusion

OnePlus Bud

OnePlus Buds Pro is available for Rs 9,990 in India. It is available in two colours - Matte Black and Glossy White. There are 11nm dynamic drivers inside the earbuds for rich bass and LHDC support for high-definition audio support.

It is worth noting that it is IP55 rated, meaning you can comfortably take it on runs as it is water and sweat resistant. The OnePlus Buds Pro support fast charging, and with just 10 minutes of charging, it can perform for up to 10 hours. You can also charge these earbuds wirelessly if you want. The company promises a total battery life of 38 hours.

OnePlus Buds Pro Review

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