One Communications Launches 5G Network in Bermuda

OneComm brings 5G to Bermuda just in time for the holidays, becoming the first telco to launch a 5G Network on the island.


  • OneComm has become the first operator to officially launch 5G mobile services in Bermuda.
  • Gradual island-wide rollout with up to 75 percent 5G readiness.
  • OneComm is offering a special holiday promotion that includes a free 5G iPhone 15 Series on Unlimited Data Plans.

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One Communications Launches 5G Network in Bermuda
One Communications (OneComm) has become the first operator to officially launch 5G mobile services in Bermuda, starting in the capital, Hamilton. Welcoming users on the telco's website, the company announced, "Introducing Bermuda's First 5G Network - Connect in a Flash with 5G, just in time for the Christmas Holiday!"

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OneComm 5G in Bermuda

OneComm's 5G Network promises to revolutionise the mobile service experience in Bermuda, beginning in Hamilton with internet access speeds up to ten times faster than the current 4G capabilities. The website highlights that OneComm's 5G Network is designed to support a wide range of high-bandwidth applications, from streaming 4K UHD video to engaging in seamless online gaming.

"We are thrilled to lead the launch of 5G in Bermuda! This transformative leap is a demonstration of our commitment to deliver the latest innovations and elevate connectivity across Bermuda. We are excited to bring the power of 5G to our customers and be the first carrier to introduce the latest 5G iPhone's, which demonstrate the unparalleled speed and reliability of our network," shared OneComm in a LinkedIn post.

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5G Service Availability

"5G services will initially be accessible to Postpaid customers with iPhone models 12 and newer. This will allow the Company to ensure the highest quality of service for customers. 5G-capable Samsung devices will become compatible with the 5G network in the first quarter of 2024, coinciding with the launch of the new flagship Samsung devices," according to the website.

Special Holiday Offer

Coinciding with the 5G announcement, the company introduced holiday promotions featuring a Free 5G iPhone 15 Series on Unlimited Data Plans. "Customers can receive a complimentary iPhone 15, Plus, Pro, or Pro Max, paired with an Unlimited Data Plan on our Loyalty Program, enabling them to fully harness the power and speed of 5G," the company said.

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According to OneComm, its supercharged 4G LTE network, launched in 2016, is available across the whole island for mobile subscribers. The 5G Network will be rolled out gradually throughout the island, with up to 75 percent being 5G ready. The rollout will occur in a phased manner based on capacity and traffic requirements.

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