Now Get Recharged for your Ringtone – Courtesy RingAd Mobile app

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Yes, what you read is right “Now get paid in the form of Recharges for what you listen as your Ringtone on your Android. I’m talking about an innovative Android App called “RingAd – Free Recharge “ exclusively for India and also proud to say that this app is MADE IN INDIA by Shree Kant and team.

Now Get Recharged for your Ringtone - Courtesy RingAd Mobile app

All you need is head over to Google play store, search for RingAd app, download, install and create an account to store your points. The rest of the work will be taken care by the App itself. This App is very easy to understand as the UI is very simple.

It runs in the background, downloads add tones to your Device Memory and plays the selected ad tones every time you receive a call so that a point gets added to your account for every unique ad tune played which can be later converted into a recharge after accumulating certain points. You also have got an option to choose which ad tone to be played or delete selected ad tone that you don’t want to play as a ringtone.

Trust me, this app doesn’t consume a lot of resources nor drain away your battery by running in background. Interestingly the data required by this app to download the ad tones is also less. So, no need to worry about both data as well as resources and by the way the ad tones don’t sound too much like ads that we listen elsewhere, they are a bit interestingly musical too. In fact I loved the RingAd app Ad tone and hope you too.

Live Ringtones for the first time in world as there are also dedicated pages in this app for your profile so that you get customized ad tones depending on your age, city and you have also got options to analyze your call logs or connect your social accounts.

What i felt can be improved:

After the installation your default system ringtones will temporarily disappear, you will not have access to those tunes to set them manually when you feel like and you will be forced to select from those ad tones in the list to set as one of your tunes which I felt somewhat embarrassing in certain situations. There should be an option to activate and deactivate the service in the background or make the default ringtones visible in settings so that in certain situations without uninstalling the app we can set a ringtone of our choice and manually trigger the app back to its working state later.

Finally, this is an interesting as well as an innovative app that definitely needs a try on your Android.Please don’t forget to share your experiences here once you get some recharge amount!

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