Nothing Ear 1 Will Face a Great Challenge in India

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Nothing Ear 1

Nothing Ear 1 has been in the news for the last few weeks. Something or the other about the much anticipated truly wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds has been coming up on the online tech communities around India. Even though the hype around the product is really good, there lies a very big challenge for it in India. The company has already revealed the Indian price of the product, which will be Rs 5,999. The TWS earbuds are all set to launch on July 27; however, it's really hard to say if it will be successful because of multiple factors.

Nothing Ear 1 Comes Without Solid Branding

Look, it isn’t that Carl Pie hasn’t become a strong brand himself. Even though the OnePlus co-founder has come up with the new brand, it will take a lot of time for the market to actually be able to trust its products. The company will have to invest heavily in marketing itself in the Indian market.

One of the biggest challenges that Nothing will face in India is to ask people to pay Rs 6K for a product that’s coming out of a totally new brand. Yes, it won’t be just like every other TWS earbuds out there, but it is still costly.

If there’s one thing that companies have understood about the Indian markets, it is that Indians don’t spend money that easily on new things.

Nothing Might Have Another Surprise for the Indians

Nothing has revealed the price of the TWS earbuds much before the launch. This is frankly strange, and no company does this. That is why I believe that Nothing could be playing a larger game here. The company might launch the earbuds at a discounted rate than what it has already announced in the market.

The discounted rate might make the user feel that it is such a good deal that he/she is getting Rs 6K earbuds for much lesser. One thing that we know about Carl Pie’s time at OnePlus is that he is a very intelligent person and someone who knows how to excite users. Note that this is just my assumption and not something that has actually been conveyed by the company to me.

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