Android 12 Will Change How Users Play Games

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Android 12

Android 12 is being perceived as the biggest change to the Android Operating System (OS) in the last few years. With the Android 12, users will notice fresh UI and more functions that they have never seen on an Android smartphone. The aim of Google is to make Android 12 more user friendly and also make the smartphone experience safer for the users by focusing a great deal on the privacy features. One area where Android 12 is taking a major leap is the Play Store. With the Android 12, users will be able to play a game they are downloading in the background directly through the Play Store. So how will this feature exactly work? Let’s find out.

Google ‘Play as You Download’ Feature

Google will be providing users with a ‘Play as You Download’ option inside the Play Store. The search engine giant announced this at its Game Developer Summit. Through this feature, users will be able to jump into the game within seconds while its assets are being downloaded in the background.

This feature will enable users in understanding whether they really like the game in the first place or not. If they don’t like it, they can stop the download right away or uninstall the game later. Further, users who are excited about a big game but have to wait long periods before they can play it will also not feel bored during downloading the game.

The new ‘Play as you Download’ feature from Google is something that iOS (on iPhones) can also incorporate to enhance user experience. There are more changes and fresh features that Android 12 will be bringing to the table for enhancing how a user interacts with a smartphone. More details about the Android 12 will be out soon as its official stable version rollout date is nearby.

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