SpaceX to Team Up With Local Partners to Produce Satcom Gears in India

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The American aerospace manufacturer SpaceX is heavily investing in satellite broadband services to provide a high-speed internet connection to users. In the latest development, SpaceX is planning to partner with Indian companies to produce satellite communications equipment, including antenna systems and user terminal devices in the domestic region. SpaceX is gearing up to launch Starlink satellite broadband services in the Indian market next year to provide fast and reliable internet connections. Matt Botwin, director of the Starlink program, stated that SpaceX is pumped to open new doors to work with the Indian industry for producing essential equipment for its Starlink devices.

Satellite Broadband Space in India is Going to Elevate Next Year

Botwin further added that SpaceX always looks for opportunities to increase the efficiency of the global supply chain. Now the company is investing in its partners in India to recognise the opportunities. As reported by ET Telecom, DoT hosted a meeting some time back with global satellite companies to discuss a blueprint for domestic manufacturing satellite communications gears and develop an enabling regulatory regime for global low earth (LEO) satellite constellation operators.

The meeting witnessed the participation of Viasat, OneWeb, Department of Space, Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel and more. The Indian satellite broadband space is expected to thrive in the next year as renowned firms like SpaceX, OneWeb, and Kuiper is looking forward to offering high-speed internet connection to users. SpaceX has been working with the Indian industrial sector for a long period for the development of its rocket. Now the company is focused on producing hardware and satellite components in India.

SpaceX is Expected to Rollout Satellite Broadband Services in India by 2022

SpaceX has started taking pre-orders for its beta version of Starlink satellite internet service in India for a deposit amount of $99. It is expected that Starlink satellite broadband services might hit in Indian market by 2022. However, the launch will be subjected to regulatory approvals. Currently, satellite players are covering the 28GHz spectrum with a band range from 27.5 GHz to 29.5 GHz. The said band is highly effective and crucial for 5G services. Telecom operators, on the other side, have addressed to DoT that the unavailability of 28GHz spectrum would increase the 5G deployment costs, and it unaffordable in the country.


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