Netplus Broadband Offers 3 Triple Play Plans With IPTV Included

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Netplus Broadband last year announced two ‘Triple Play’ plans that offered users IPTV service, fiber broadband connection, and truly unlimited calls. The plans announced last year started for a mere price of Rs 1,099. The Rs 1,099 plan used to come with 100 Mbps internet speed and offered users truly unlimited data without any fair-usage-policy (FUP) limit. Netplus Broadband was also the first company to provide IPTV service with a broadband connection in India.

Now the company has updated its Triple Play plans. Instead of the two plans of Rs 1,099 and Rs 1,199 that were offered before, the company now offers 3 ‘Triple Play’ plans that come with more benefits and at a lower cost. Let’s take a look at all the 3 ‘Triple Play’ plans offered by Netplus Broadband.

Netplus Broadband Premium SD Plan

The ‘Premium SD’ plan from Netplus Broadband is the base plan on offer. It costs Rs 999 only and offers users IPTV service with access to 335+ SD channels. In addition to the IPTV service, users also get a fiber broadband connection with 100 Mbps speed and a truly unlimited free voice calling connection leveraging the company’s Smart Telephony technology. The Smart Telephony of Netplus allows users to receive calls both in their mobile and fixed-line connection.

The company didn’t mention it on the website, but we expect that the price of the plan is exclusive of GST.

Netplus Broadband Premium HD Plan

The ‘Premium HD’ plan from Netplus comes for a cost of Rs 1,499 per month. The speciality of this plan is that it offers users 345+ HD channels with the IPTV service. Further, users get a 350 Mbps fiber internet connection with the company’s Smart Telephony service. This plan’s price might also be exclusive of GST.

Netplus Broadband Platinum HD Plan

The ‘Platinum HD’ plan is the most expensive ‘Triple Play’ plan from Netplus Broadband, and it costs Rs 1,599 per month (might be exclusive of GST). The company offers 345+ HD channels with the IPTV service and a fiber broadband connection with 400 Mbps speed. Users also get unlimited voice calling with the Smart Telephony service from the company.

What Does Netplus IPTV Service Offer?


First of all, IPTV means Internet Protocol Television meaning the data packets carrying content are sent over internet protocol networks. Users can consume the content from a single connection on multiple screens, including their TVs, mobiles, and tablets. Users get the option to consume content from live TV HD channels.

Further, there is ‘Time Shift TV’ which means that users can watch the previous 2 hours of the program they missed out on watching. Also, the ‘Catch UP TV’ feature allows users to catch up with any program or piece of content from the last 7 days they missed out on.

Further, users can install and even sideload applications; use the company’s Video-on-Demand (VoD) service for watching their favourite content.

The Netplus ‘Triple Play’ plans are quite something when users are considering about getting a broadband connection. They compete directly with JioFiber’s offerings that come with a free Set-Top Box as well.

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