Netflix Might Bring in New Login Verification System

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The global over-the-top (OTT) content giant, Netflix, is working on introducing a new login verification system for users worldwide. The new system is under testing at the moment, and a select number of users have been picked for the testing. Many users share their passwords with other people who then share it with more people, sometimes without the knowledge of the account owner. This results in two things, a) Netflix losing out on business, b) some people getting hold of the Netflix account without the authority/wish of the account owner. The new login verification system aims to solve both issues.

Netflix Password Verification System

Netflix will ask users trying to login into the account for the details sent to the owner’s device when the login process was initiated. The details will be sent to the account owner via text or email.

Only when the person enters the details required to authenticate the process, he/she will be logged in to the account. This will allow the account owner in keeping track of who is trying to login into his/her Netflix account. Further, it will motivate people who are using the Netflix account of others to get their own one.

It is worth noting that Disney+ Hotstar has already implemented an OTP system to do what Netflix is trying to do. The Netflix terms of service say that the account should not be shared with people who are outside the household of the account owner.

As mentioned above, the new system is under testing at the moment and when it is rolled out for users globally is unknown.

For the unaware, Netflix is also testing its ‘Mobile +’ plan in India. This is not the first time this plan has come for the users in the country. It will be available for Rs 299 per month and allow users to stream content from Netflix in ‘HD’ quality on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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