Netflix ISP Speed Index January 2022 India Update: Airtel, Tata Play in First Rank

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Netflix has just updated its list for ISP Speed Index for India. The latest update shows the performance of January 2022. There are some major changes in this list. From nine ISPs (internet service providers) at the top rank in December 2021, only five ISPs remained in the first rank in January 2022. Big names such as Alliance Broadband, Hathway, Excitel Broadband, D-VoIS have slipped to the second rank.

Netflix ISP Speed Index for January 2022

Netflix ISP Speed Index measures the prime time Netflix performance on a particular internet service providers network across the globe. Thus, it is not a measure of how the actual network of ISPs is, but only how it performs which users are consuming Netflix content.

If you are a Netflix lover living in India, these are the top five ISPs that delivered 3.6 Mbps speed to the users on average while watching Netflix - 7 Star Digital, Tata Play Fiber, Jio Giga Fiber, Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT), and Airtel.

On the second rank with delivering 3.4 Mbps speed were eight ISPs, including Alliance Broadband, D-VoIS, Excitel Broadband, Hathway, GTPL, One Broadband, Spectra, and Syscon Infoway.

At the third rank were three operators with 3.2 Mbps speed, including Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), Tikona, and You Broadband (Vodafone Idea’s fiber broadband subsidiary). At the fourth position with 2.8 Mbps was Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) alone.

If you watch Netflix content on a daily using your home’s Wi-Fi network, the top two ranked ISPs are your best bet to get a comfortable experience. Netflix keeps updating this list on a monthly basis, and the performance and rank of the ISPs keep on changing.

Some of the prominent names which have made a habit of staying at the top rank are Jio Giga Fiber, Tata Play Fiber, Airtel, ACT, and 7 Star Digital. Even Excitel Broadband and Hathway were doing good until December 2021.

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