Ncell Nepal Expands VoLTE Service to Apple iPhone Users

Ncell is offering its Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service to iPhone users in Nepal, having initially launched it for Android devices in 2022. The service provides higher-quality HD voice calls and almost instant call connections over the 4G network.


  • Apple iPhone 8 and above series users can avail VoLTE Service.
  • VoLTE service provides higher-quality HD voice calls and almost instant call connections over 4G.
  • Customers upgrading from a physical SIM to an embedded eSIM receive 2GB of bonus 4G data.

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Ncell VoLTE Service Now Available for Apple Users in Nepal

Ncell, Nepal's first private mobile service operator, has made Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service available to iOS users. As a result, Ncell customers using Apple iPhones can now enjoy access to Ncell Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) Service. Ncell initially launched VoLTE service for Android users in 2022, and the service is now extended to the Apple iOS platform.

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Ncell VoLTE Upgrade Benefits

Ncell subscribers who are using iPhone 8 series and above are eligible for VoLTE upgrade. Ncell is offering free 100 minutes on-net VoLTE talk time valid for 28 days for customers upgrading to VoLTE service.

According to Ncell, "VoLTE is a new technology that provides superior quality high-definition (HD) voice calls along with almost instant call connection. With VoLTE service, voice calls can be made on the 4G network using the data service at a normal voice tariff."

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Ncell eSIM Upgrade Benefits

Ncell has also launched one more offer for Apple users. Apple iPhone users who upgrade from physical SIM to eSIM, free of charge, will receive 2GB of bonus 4G data valid for seven days from upgrading. This bonus data applies to Ncell users who have purchased the device from Nepal's authorized Apple outlets. Physical SIM will be upgraded to eSIM post-verification. Non-Ncell users can visit the nearest Ncell centre to get a new Ncell eSIM free of charge.

Ncell VoLTE Service on 4G network

Ncell customers can utilize the VoLTE service in all areas of Nepal where the Ncell 4G network is available. In order to use this service, customers must activate their 4G settings on their eligible devices. VoLTE services will offer a more streamlined voice-calling experience with improved audio quality and quicker call setup times. Customers need to ensure that their devices are compatible with VoLTE and that their 4G settings are activated to use this service.

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Ncell eSIM Service

Ncell launched eSIM service activations in November 2022. Customers can upgrade their physical SIM to an embedded SIM (eSIM), which is more secure. Ncell users can request an eSIM upgrade via SMS or visit their nearest Ncell Centre to activate/upgrade their eSIM.

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