How to Use Native Screen Recording Feature in iPhone

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It is convenient to have a screen recording app on your smartphone. Who knows when you might find it useful? There are many screen recording apps that one can find for an iOS device. But little did you know that one amongst all the attractive features that Apple includes in the iPhone is its native screen recording feature that is relatively easy to access. All you need to know is where to find it. Read the article to the end to know how to start using the screen recording feature.

Steps to Use Screen Recording in iPhone

Go to the Settings app on your smartphone, then find the ‘control centre’ option and tap on it. Go to the ‘more controls’ section and search for the ‘screen recording’ menu. Click on the plus (+) icon beside it. This should add the ‘screen recording’ option in the ‘included controls’ section. Return back to the home screen on your smartphone and scroll from the right corner of your screen. There you will find the ‘quick controls.’ Tap on the box with a dot inside, and once you tap on it, the screen recording will start.

To stop the screen recording, tap on the time that shows in the left corner, which now appears to be in a red bubble. Once you tap on it, you will get an option whether you want to Stop recording or cancel and continue it. If you decide to stop, the video will get saved in the gallery.

More Things to Know

The screen recording feature does not record audio by default. To record audio, long-press the ‘screen recording’ icon on the ‘quick control’ when you are not recording anything. If you want to remove the red bubble around the time, you can use the QuickTime Player on your Mac, as long as you are using macOS 10.10 or any higher version.

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