Mobile Data Consumption witnesses a Staggering increase of nearly 500% in India

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The number of Smartphones is rapidly multiplying and this is translating into a large number of Mobile internet users. A couple of years ago it was not essential for a Smartphone owner to have an active internet connection due to the fact that there was dearth of applications like Whatsapp which needs internet connectivity on the real-time basis.

It was recently recorded that mobile data now contributes to a whopping 50% of the total non-voice revenue and on the contrary it is claimed to have put the last nail in the coffin for SMS. The primary reason for the exponential growth in the Mobile Data consumer base and the volume of data is the low cost of the smartphones and the well-stocked Application stores.

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The Mobile Data consumption soared high and as per records in March 2014 the Reliance Communications 3G reached a staggering 50000 Million MB. This data consumption is a fivefold increase over the 10000 Million MB in March 2013. This is a telltale sign why TRAI recently culled an discussion on whether to levy additional charges on customers for using Instant Messaging platforms like Whatsapp.

Telecos should ramp up their 3G services and stop worrying about losing revenue on SMS and other technologically extinct domains. The potent of earning revenue in Mobile Data can be infinite. This entire ordeal pivots on two points- Affordable and extremely reliable fast 3G connections.

It is high times the Telecom Operators should think of increasing the speed after FUP to at least a modest 512kpbs.

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Mahit Huilgol is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and is a Technology and Automobile aficionado. He ditched the Corporate boardroom wars in the favor for technology battle ground. He is also a foodie by heart and loves both the edible chips and non-edible silicon chips.

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