Jio Ready for Mass 5G Deployment Says Mathew Oommen

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India should focus on creating Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by innovating to fulfil global manufacturing needs. Mathew Oommen, President of Reliance Jio, said that through the support of the telecom industry, India should look to develop IPR locally and provide it for manufacturing purposes throughout the world. Oommen said that a suite of products, technologies, and platforms should be developed to facilitate ease in manufacturing not only for India but also for other parts of the world. Further, he said that Jio is all ready to deploy 5G in India.

Focus on Manufacturing for Global Market, Not Just India

According to an ET Telecom report, Oommen said that Jio is ready for the mass deployment of 5G in India. Mukesh Ambani had earlier said that Jio would introduce live 5G networks in India by the second half of 2021. However, the recent developments in the market suggest that it would be next to impossible for Jio to do that.

Oommen further said that Jio is very proud to provide basic connectivity options to people throughout India for a very low-cost. He said that earlier, 1GB of data used to cost around Rs 250, whereas after Jio came to the market, the same costs less than Rs 10.

According to him, the telecom industry is responsible for providing citizens and businesses with affordable and equitable digital platforms so that the true potential of India can come out.

The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme introduced by the centre will certainly motivate a lot of tech firms to come and set up shop in India. Major tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, and more have already started investing more and more into the Indian market for local production both for exporting and selling within the country.

Thus according to Oommen, this is high time that India focuses on developing IPR and starts providing affordable technological solutions globally for facilitating ease in manufacturing. If India is able to do this, it will soon become a global tech leader.

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