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iPhone 15 Pro

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 14 series globally. In the coming months, the conversations would shift heavily to the iPhone 15 series, which is expected to be released around September 2023. With the iPhone 14 series, Apple made huge distinctions between the Pro and the non-Pro models. But, between the two Pro models, there's only a difference in battery and screen size; apart from that, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are the same.

This is most likely not going to be the case with the iPhone 15 series. With the iPhone 15 series, Apple is expected to create big differences between the Pro and the Pro Max variant. The iPhone 15 Pro Max would have exclusive features that the iPhone 15 Pro won't come with. This would be Apple's bid for loyal fans to go for the iPhone 15 Pro Max instead of the Pro variant.

The development has been reported by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. This would make sense as well. If users are paying more for the Pro Max variant, then they should ideally get something that's exclusive to the Pro Max model apart from just a bigger screen and slightly better battery. This time, with the iPhone 14 series, the Pro models would come with an AOD (Always-on-Display) function, while the non-Pro models won't get the AOD function. This is largely because of the hardware limitations on the other iPhones except for the iPhone 14 series Pro models.

For now, Apple distinguishes between the Pro and the non-Pro models in a very subtle manner. The non-Pro iPhone models of the current generation and the iPhone 13 series don't have ProMotion technology, which is 120Hz refresh rate. But the Pro models support 120Hz refresh rate. With the iPhone 14 series, Apple also made a huge difference in the camera performance of the iPhone 14 series Pro and non-Pro models.

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