Idea Postpaid Plans Offering Up to 5 Add On Connections and Reduced Monthly Rental

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There is a lot of talk going on about the Airtel MyInfiinity postpaid plans and the Vodafone RED postpaid plans. However, the postpaid plans which are very conveniently ignored are the Idea Cellular postpaid plans. While the Vodafone RED and Airtel postpaid plans enjoy a lot of attention, there is nothing to keep the Idea postpaid plan from competing hard with the other offerings. There is data, SMS and other additional benefits as well, which make the Idea postpaid plans just as attractive as the other plans. What’s more is that there are some other benefits like the differentiated add-on connection policy, the Secure Child feature and data carryover which hint to the fact that Idea Cellular postpaid plans might actually be a good choice for a lot of customers. Also, with the Vodafone Idea network now integrated, the subscribers of Idea will actually be able to enjoy better connectivity across the country which means that the Idea subscribers will have one less thing to worry about. Here are some of the attractive points about the Idea Cellular postpaid plans.


Idea Postpaid Plans: Available Options

Firstly, it would be ideal to take a look at the Idea Cellular postpaid plans and what are their prices. Currently, the Idea postpaid plans portfolio starts at Rs 399 in which the subscribers get 40GB data per month, unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. Apart from this, the subscribers also get access to MyIdea movies and TV app. Next up, there is the Rs 499 postpaid plan from Idea offering 75GB data per month, along with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. This plan from Idea also ships Amazon Prime benefit to the subscribers. The plan also comes with Idea Secure, meaning that you will be able to protect your phone from viruses and other things using the antivirus. Lastly, there is the Rs 649 postpaid plan from Idea Cellular, which offers 90GB data per month with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. This plan also comes with the iPhone Forever programme and all the other additional benefits. It is worth noting that all the Idea Cellular plans come with data carryover feature with up to 200GB limit.

Idea Postpaid Plans: Add-On Connections and Benefits Explained

One of the best parts about the Idea Cellular postpaid plans is the number of family members that you can add to your postpaid plans. As an Idea postpaid subscriber, you will be able to add as many as 6 members to your bill. It is worth noting that on adding up to 2 members of the family, you will be able to save up to 10% on the total postpaid bill for your family. On more than two add-on connections on your primary Idea Cellular number, you would be able to enjoy 20% on the overall postpaid bill. Also, on up to 2 add-ons, the subscribers will enjoy 10GB combined data bonus, and with more than two add-ons they will enjoy up to 20GB combined data bonus. Such an offering is unique in the industry right now even though both Vodafone and Airtel both offer add-on connections with their postpaid plans.

Various Idea Postpaid Benefits

Other features like the Child Secure, where the primary members can turn on or off the data for the child members, data carryover feature, Amazon Prime benefit and the Idea Phone Secure are some of the features that make the Idea postpaid plans a truly attractive offering.

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