Idea Postpaid Plans Offering Up to 5 Add On Connections and Reduced Monthly Rental

Idea Cellular postpaid plans start at Rs 399 and these plans are offering ample data, calling and other additional benefits to the consumers

  • The Idea Cellular postpaid plans also offer attractive add-on connections
  • There is also the Amazon Prime benefit for the subscribers
  • One of the plans ships the iPhone Forever Programme as well

There is a lot of talk going on about the Airtel MyInfiinity postpaid plans and the Vodafone RED postpaid plans. However, the postpaid plans which are very conveniently ignored are the Idea Cellular postpaid plans. While the Vodafone RED and Airtel postpaid plans enjoy a lot of attention, there is nothing to keep the Idea postpaid plan from competing hard with the other offerings. There is data, SMS and other additional benefits as well, which make the Idea postpaid plans just as attractive as the other plans. What’s more is that there are some other benefits like the differentiated add-on connection policy, the Secure Child feature and data carryover which hint to the fact that Idea Cellular postpaid plans might actually be a good choice for a lot of customers. Also, with the Vodafone Idea network now integrated, the subscribers of Idea will actually be able to enjoy better connectivity across the country which means that the Idea subscribers will have one less thing to worry about. Here are some of the attractive points about the Idea Cellular postpaid plans.


Idea Postpaid Plans: Available Options

Firstly, it would be ideal to take a look at the Idea Cellular postpaid plans and what are their prices. Currently, the Idea postpaid plans portfolio starts at Rs 399 in which the subscribers get 40GB data per month, unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. Apart from this, the subscribers also get access to MyIdea movies and TV app. Next up, there is the Rs 499 postpaid plan from Idea offering 75GB data per month, along with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. This plan from Idea also ships Amazon Prime benefit to the subscribers. The plan also comes with Idea Secure, meaning that you will be able to protect your phone from viruses and other things using the antivirus. Lastly, there is the Rs 649 postpaid plan from Idea Cellular, which offers 90GB data per month with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. This plan also comes with the iPhone Forever programme and all the other additional benefits. It is worth noting that all the Idea Cellular plans come with data carryover feature with up to 200GB limit.

Idea Postpaid Plans: Add-On Connections and Benefits Explained

One of the best parts about the Idea Cellular postpaid plans is the number of family members that you can add to your postpaid plans. As an Idea postpaid subscriber, you will be able to add as many as 6 members to your bill. It is worth noting that on adding up to 2 members of the family, you will be able to save up to 10% on the total postpaid bill for your family. On more than two add-on connections on your primary Idea Cellular number, you would be able to enjoy 20% on the overall postpaid bill. Also, on up to 2 add-ons, the subscribers will enjoy 10GB combined data bonus, and with more than two add-ons they will enjoy up to 20GB combined data bonus. Such an offering is unique in the industry right now even though both Vodafone and Airtel both offer add-on connections with their postpaid plans.

Various Idea Postpaid Benefits

Other features like the Child Secure, where the primary members can turn on or off the data for the child members, data carryover feature, Amazon Prime benefit and the Idea Phone Secure are some of the features that make the Idea postpaid plans a truly attractive offering.

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Bhai Arpit, Today is 3rd Jan, and your site is so famous that many people daily visits your site for latest news. But looks like you are not serious or still in hang over mood as this feed is related to IDEA and you put it in Category of BHARTI AIRTEL. check above archive. This is not the only one. Another post of yours related to Airtel. You guys literally forgot to put LAKH word after 4 (Rs. 4 LAKH) in airtel prepaid recharge pack with Insurance …feed So guys be serious and put your efforts to highest in mature… Read more »

Airtel, Bsnl, Jio, Vodafone Idea
Not Interested

Level of attachment of readers towards this site is appreciable. Pagal hai log, ekdum. A great thing for TT.


Bhai Priyansh, Why I’m writing here because The admin can done the right thing as just assume well known website just do some minor error, so people all over only stare at there only, but once you fix. It’s full stop of topic. You are writing here as Pagal hai log but Bhai…we also want to try a good image of TT to anyone who comes here first time. So, Writing here… people like you who always want to tell other people only sweet sweet words are actually Nothing but Selfish. If you want change something for good of others… Read more »


If i recharge Rs. 48 for 3GB data instead of Rs. 45 or 49 minimum voucher to get incoming & outgoing calls, will i still keep my number active & do calls with my existing balance.?

(onam jee)

varies operater wise…airtel do the same as u asked….data pack of 48/98 gives the validity of service also in case of airtel but not in case of idea (don’t know about voda). I have observed this personally. When service validity expires in idea sim, no other pack works either sms pack or data pack (not checked with isd packs), even if I have data balance left, it is not working if validity expired. But in airtel data pack also gives the service validity. 45 rs/month is way too much for validity only, it should be for six month basis like… Read more »


It worked.


i have idea Karnataka sim, last recharge in august. service validity expired on 28th sep.

till today 3rd jan, Signal are showing and *121# and Myidea app allows me for recharge and shows balance of rs1.88.

I am really waiting for IDEA to disconnect sim. its been more than 90 days.

Rishi Roy

Yes . I’m doing that for my airtel number for months.


Yes bro this is what we’ve to do to keep number alive. that was perfect option.


Try one time, because if you want to do something in your life you have to take risk and here it’s only about 48/- that maybe you spent everyday for snacks or drinks… Go ahead my friend and try, you have creative mind so if this works don’t forget mention here. As I reecharge my number for 2years (till dec 2021) and when i done all things and my operator supports the perfect queue system I immediately wrote here in (vodafone news feed : You can find vodafone news dated on 2nd dec 2019) where you fine my response with… Read more »


haha, yes bro. IMO 48 recharge is best option in airtel instead of 49 which gives only 100 MB data but only when you just want to get incoming & should be having topup balance for outgoing calls seperately.


If 48 works, thn maybe there are chances that Rs.16/- for 1gb maybe also working for 28days (not sure, I already done for 2years) but in my opinion if your number is secondary thn you should also try Rs.16/- for 1gb or whatever minimum in the telecom plan that you are in.
Give me your opinion here.
Waiting for it.


My bad, forgot to check that 16 is only for 24 hours so ignore above feed.

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