How to Mute Videos on WhatsApp Before Sending

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Sometimes we do have amazing footage that we die to share with our WhatsApp contact. But due to unpleasant audio, we drop the idea. WhatsApp allows Android users to mute a video before sending it to someone. WhatsApp was testing the feature since October 2020.

Finally, the feature is available for Android users. The mute video feature is already available on Facebook and Instagram. The feature can come in handy for users when they do not like the audio of particular footage but wishes to share it with their contacts. Here is how to mute the video before sending it. Read till the end for a detailed guide.

Steps to Mute the Videos

To mute videos before sharing them with your WhatsApp contacts, go to the Play Store, and update your WhatsApp to the latest version. And if you don’t already have WhatsApp, download it. Open WhatsApp and tap on the contact you want to send a video to. Tap on the ‘Attachment’ (paperclip icon), or you can record a video if you want to by clicking on the camera option.

If you want to share a pre-recorded video, click on the gallery option and select the desired video. You will see the video on the screen, and you can edit the video as per your requirements. You will see a small speaker icon right below the frames of the video. Click on the speaker icon to mute it. Then you can tap send button to share the video.

More Things You Might Want to Know

If the speaker icon is not visible even with an update, you might have to wait for it. Also, the update is still not released for iOS users. You can also crop the video and convert it into GIF if you can reduce it to 6 seconds and send it to your WhatsApp contacts.

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