Here’s How You Can Post Instagram Stories Without Opening Instagram App

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Instagram Stories Post Without Opening the App

The Facebook-owned app Instagram has garnered a colossal fan base around the globe by offering an array of intriguing features. The instant-messaging platform provides multiple features to elevate the browsing experience of users. One such feature that makes Instagram interactive and useful is that users can post a story without opening the app. Yes, you heard that right. Instagram users can select an image or video from their gallery and post them in stories without opening the app. Read the article to the end for a detailed guide regarding the feature.

Steps to Post Stories Without Opening Instagram App

To post stories without opening the Instagram app, you will need to download Threads from Instagram app from the Play Store or App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, launch the app. Users must note that the app will automatically log in your Instagram account. If you have multiple accounts set up on Instagram, you can select the desired account through which you want to post Instagram stories. In the app, select the friends with whom you want to share the stories. Once selected, grant all the necessary permissions that the app will require. To upload your story, just click on the upload your own stories option or the camera icon and click on the image and video which you want to share. Once you have selected the story, click on the upward arrow button to post your story.

The feature comes in handy for users who do not want to use Instagram to post stories. However, users must note that they must have the Instagram app downloaded in their smartphones for automatic login. If they do not have the Instagram app, they will have to enter their Instagram credentials in Threads from Instagram. Users can also grant the required permission only while using the app option for better privacy standards.

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