Google Play Store Might Soon Allow Users to Buy Subscriptions Before Installing the Apps

Google Play Store is soon going to allow users to purchase subscriptions for apps before they even install them

By June 19th, 2020 AT 3:11 PM

Google Play Store is getting an upgrade soon with the upcoming Android 11. With Android 11, Google is trying to streamline the process of purchasing subscriptions for its users. This report has come to surface by a blog post from Google, where it is vaguely mentioned without letting in on any specifics. Google is looking to make it easier for its subscribers to purchase app subscriptions from the app store. Users won’t have to first download the app in order to check for its subscription rates and then purchase them. Instead, users will be able to get the subscription directly from the app store.

Testing Phase Started

A group of developers have already started working on the feature for the user to buy subscriptions to their apps directly from the Google Play Store. This will save the users some time and energy. Right now if you need to purchase subscriptions from an app, you will first have to install it. Then in case you don’t like it, you will remove the app from your device. But in case you do, then you will purchase the subscription by paying for it within the app. But Google will soon minimise these steps and allow users to purchase subscriptions directly through the Play Store.

Android Billing Library 3.0 Behind The Operation

It is Google’s latest Android Billing Library 3.0 behind the operations for streamlining the subscription process for Android users. Under the subscriptions settings, users will be able to see and manage their active subscriptions. Some apps which provide trial period will also avail the option for getting the trial subscription. For example, if there is an app which provides a  free trial period, for that app you will get two options for installing it from the Play Store. The first option would be the simple ‘Install’ button, and the second will be the ‘ Free Trial and Install’. It is something that would certainly add value to the user’s life.

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