How to Use WhatsApp Cart for Placing Orders?

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WhatsApp Cart feature was launched back in 2020 to elevate the shopping experience of users. The ‘Add to Cart’ option allows users to pick desired items from different catalogues posted by different merchants and shop in the Facebook-owned platform. WhatsApp also offers users the same shopping experience as e-commerce platforms where they can add or remove items from their carts. The feature enables business owners and merchants to keep a tab on all the requests from customers and sales information. If you do not know how to use WhatsApp carts, follow the article till the end.

How to Use Cart on WhatsApp Business?

If you are a WhatsApp Business user, the cart feature will be automatically available in your account. However, to use the cart feature, ensure that your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version. Customers must also use an updated version of WhatsApp to utilise the feature. If you are running a business, you just have to create a catalogue for your desired customers. Business owners should note that customers would not be able to check out the products added to their cart themselves.

How to Place an Order Using Cart Feature?

WhatsApp Cart has been specially designed to offer a seamless shopping experience to the users. When you engage with a business account on WhatsApp, you get the message option and 'Add to Cart' button if you are sure about the product.

To add products to cart, open WhatsApp and go to the business profile you would like to purchase from. Tap on the shopping icon, which will be located close to name head. Open the catalogue that the business owner has maintained and browse through multiple products.

Tap on the product which you wish to purchase. Once you have finalised the product, tap on 'Add to Cart' option. You can also message the merchant to ask specific questions regarding the product.

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