How Apple Watch is Saving Life of Its Users

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Apple has released a new commercial highlighting Apple Watch’s life-saving capabilities during emergencies.

Dubbed as 911, the advertisement showcases the experiences of three Apple Watch users who say the device saved their lives by allowing them to call 911 in an emergency. The actual audio from 911 calls is used in the commercial. Interestingly, Apple advertisement does not show Apple Watch.

According to Apple, the incidents shown in the Apple commercial are three of many great examples where people have been able to seek aid using the Apple Watch. In the video’s post-script title card, Apple stated that three people named Jason, Amanda, and Jim saved their lives within minutes by using their Apple Watch.

The commercial claims that purchasing an Apple Watch could save your life in an emergency if you don’t have access to your iPhone since it allows you to dial 911 from your wrist. The Apple Watch contains an Emergency SOS feature that instantly connects with emergency services by pushing and holding the side button on the watch and moving your finger across the screen to the Emergency SOS slider.

However, it’s worth noticing that the Apple Watch Emergency SOS option is only available in the United States. The Apple Watch does not have a 911 or comparable emergency calling feature in India.

Apple Watch emergency call feature may also make accidental calls

While the capacity to contact emergency services has been praised for its ability to save lives, there are also times when it makes calls by accident. In June, a Kansas police department reported that the Apple Watch’s unintended triggering of such calls is diverting rescuers away from genuine emergencies.

The new ‘911’ commercial has also gotten its fair share of flak. Apple, for example, has been accused of “selling you on fear” and “edging into sleazy insurance salesman territory to do so,” according to The Verge, a popular publication.

While there were none with the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch Series 8 is likely to contain a body temperature scanner, a fertility sensor, and upgrades to the ECG and sleep tracking sensors.

Apple Watch models with cellular connectivity can make calls with a cellular plan, while Wi-Fi GPS devices can make calls while linked to an iPhone and within Bluetooth range.

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