Hathway HD PVR Set-Top Box to Support 625 Hours of Real-Time HD Recording: Features and Pricing Detailed

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After the implementation of the new tariff regime in the country by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), the DTH and cable sector have undergone massive changes. However, that is not the only reason for changes in the sector. The coming of Reliance Jio GigaFiber has also urged the companies to ramp up their operations and efforts to introduce various offers, products and services. Hathway is also a significant name in this regard, and the cable TV service provider is introducing new offers, products and services. While we have already taken a look at the offers being provided by Hathway in broadband, today we are going to be talking about the set-top box and the unique features that it will be offering to the cable TV subscribers of the company.

Hathway HD PVR Set-Top Box Features

The major highlight in the Hathway portfolio when it comes to the set-top boxes is the HD Personal Video Recorder set-top box, or better known as HD PVR. This set-top box can be considered as the top of the line offering from Hathway and like the name suggests it comes with a particular emphasis on recording. On its official website, Hathway has detailed that the STB will be able to record shows in HD with incredibly vivid picture quality, thus recording images which are five times sharper than SD. The STB also comes with a massive 500GB hard disk giving it the capability of recording more than 625 hours of HD real-time video.

The HD PVR set-top box from Hathway records shows in 1080p resolution with crisper and sharper images. This STB also allows you to rewind, forward and pause the shows at your convenience for a very controlled watching experience. Another highlight of the HD PVR set-top box is that it comes with Dolby Digital+ support meaning that it comes with 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus, thus giving you a cinema style superior surround sound quality. Some other features of the STB include series recording feature, which will allow you to record multiple episodes of the same series being aired at different timings. Lastly, the HD PVR boasts of being 3D ready meaning that you can also enjoy 3D content at home.

HD PVR Set-Top Box Pricing

If you want to buy the HD PVR set-top box upfront, then Hathway has three offers. For enjoying one month of free SD premium and HD channels, you can get the HD PVR set-top box for Rs 7,999. For six months of free SD premium and HD channels bundled with the STB, you can get it for Rs 9,999 and lastly, you can get the STB along with a year-long subscription of Hathway SD premium and HD channels for Rs 12,999.

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