GTPL Hathway Witnesses Surge in New Cable TV and Broadband Connection Requests

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The Government of India announced 21 days lockdown in the entire nation to combat Coronavirus. Since the beginning of lockdown, people have been relying on Cable TV, DTH and broadband connections for their entertainment. GTPL Hathway which recently acquired 220,000 subscribers are also seeing increasing demands for Cable TV boxes and broadband connections amidst the social distancing and lockdown period. Piyush Pankaj, who is the Chief Strategy Officer of GTPL Hathway, marked that GTPL is getting more surge in broadband connections and bandwidth consumption. Not only this, but Cable TV connection requests have also been increased as people are staying at home.

GTPL Reduces Manpower Working on Ground

To ensure all the preventive measures are being followed strictly, GTPL Hathway has reduced the workforce, which works on the ground. Nearly 20% of the technical staff are allowed to work on real locations, whereas 80 % of the remaining staff are working from home. Piyush Pankaj also marked that since MSOs and LCOs come under essential services, all on-ground team are equipped with proper identification cards to avoid any hassle.

Not only this, but teams are also fully equipped with hand-sanitisers, face masks and health guides to ensure safety from Covid-19. GTPL Hathway also has regulated payment methods to ensure smooth operations. The company is sending URL’s to customers for collecting payments. Not only this, but on-ground operators are also collecting payments through Paytm. In some cases, consumers are directly paying the company. Pankaj stated that the company is not facing any issues regarding the payment collection.

GTPL Acquired 220,000 Subscribers Who Use Cable TV and Broadband Services

In another news, GTPL Hathway has gained 220,000 subscribers who use Cable TV and Broadband Services offered by the Company. Not only this, but GTPL has also partnered with Reliance Jio to explore synergies in network infrastructure. Since there is no competition in the market, GTPL Hathway and Reliance Jio will explore all the synergies happening in the network infrastructure. Also, the partnership will make GTPL Hathway stable. It is also reported that GTPL Hathway is planning to spend Rs 165 crore in capital expenditure in FY20 to provide the best services to its customers.


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