Google will now let you pre-register for the forthcoming apps

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The Google Play Store is flooded with latest apps and you never know what all apps may get launched in the near future. Although, regardless of the overflow, Google is somehow trying to balance the act for the users and app developers. The Google Play Store has just got updated with a new functionality, which now allows users to pre-register for the upcoming apps.

Pre-register Terminator

The app developers can now list their apps for pre-registration on the Play Store, so that users can subscribe to them and receive updates regarding the same. It also has an option for the users to de-register from the service. So, the deal is that from now on users will be notified about the upcoming apps and they will have an option to register for it even if it is under the development phase. As soon as the app becomes available for download, registered users will be notified about its availability.

The developers can see as to how much traffic their app is generating pre-launch and what would be the response for it post-launch on the Play Store. Alternatively, developers might just include the ones who pre-register for their apps to participate in the testing phase of the apps before it goes online for the masses.

The first app to follow this route is Glu Mobile’s Terminator Genisys: Revolution and it is currently up for pre-registration. It would be interesting to see how many developers join the bandwagon and list their apps for pre-order.

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