Google Should Open an Indian Outlet of Its NYC Google Store

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Google NYC store Indian outlet

In today's day and age, the provision of good customer service and a presentable showcase of products is key, especially with more and more users becoming aware of their needs. In previous times, the user would usually rely on the on floor salesman to aid them, but, with increased information and general technological awareness, the need for aid has become increasingly scarce.

Most users opt these days to make their tech purchases via the internet, due to the provision of good deals via E-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and, at times the specific company's own site. It seems that Google, the maker of Android has different plans, at least for the US as of now, with the opening of the Google Store NYC.

Do note that Google had opened the online version of its Google Store back in 2015, during a time when people were switching to the internet to make their tech purchases. Over the course of the last six years, the company has gone through to open pop-up shops across the world, but that has never resulted in a proper retail outlet.

Why Does the First Google Store Matter?

Google NYC Store 2

That has finally changed, since, starting 10 AM ET, June 17, Google has opened its first permanent store in the form of the Google Store NYC, which occupies the historic Chelsea Market building present in Manhattan, with the store offering all sorts of Google products. The shop will also showcase these products to offer users a chance at getting an in-hand experience.

Intentionally or by accident, the store seems to take a bit of the aesthetic from Apple Stores which are present across the world, but, with Google's own flair with the ability to showcase how its products can enhance you, the user's daily life.

To add to this, the Google Store will also have Googlers to help you with any sort of products and, more importantly, help you with the products that you already own.

Now, post-reading all this, you might be confused as to why this is worth noting in the context of the Indian market, but, considering as to how Google's after-sales service and, to some extent, its overall product sales support is lacking, the launch of an authentic Google store would greatly help its cause for increased sales in a market that can be tapped.

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