You Should Try Android 12’s Second Beta, Here’s Why

Google's Android 12 Beta 2 is being rolled out in India and around the world and the features that it brings are worth noting.

Android 12

Recently, Google rolled out the first beta of its latest Android version, Android 12, which itself was unveiled during Google I/O 2021. Prior to the initial rollout, Google had promised and showcased multiple new features that did not make the cut on the first beta. Now, that is set to change.

For concerned users, it will be good to know that Google is finally rolling out beta 2 of Android 12, which includes with it key features that were advertised during the I/O event, some of them being Privacy Dashboard feature and certain security tweaks, one of them being quite similar to what Samsung has to offer on its One UI.

The much-awaited context-based aesthetic redesign feature is also coming with this beta, which should be fun to use. In terms of installing this beta, you will require the Pixel 3 or 3XL, Pixel 4 or 4XL, Pixel 4a or 4a 5G or the Pixel 5.

What are The New Features That Should Grab Your Attention

The first of these new updates are in relation to the design of Android 12, as Google announced that it would be offering a new context-based theming system that can work automatically. The feature looks for your wallpaper when it comes to colour inspiration and subsequently changes the colours of buttons, icons and certain other elements.

This still seems to be limited, as Google promised that the user would be able to manually change the colour scheme if he or she does not like it, but that seems to be inactive at this point in time. The stable rollout should get this feature working though, so do not fret over it too much.

The second feature comes right after Apple has made some major changes to its privacy and security policies when it comes to the iPhone. IN response, Google announced its new Privacy Dashboard. Google provided a decent amount of information related to this at Google I/O. This can now be tested out.

As is evident by the name, the Privacy Dashboard in beta 2 provides the user with a view of their privacy situation on the Android phone. Much like Digital Wellbeing, this one tool should help you see if there is anything alarming or something that needs to be changed on the phone to make it better in terms of security.

Additionally, Google had shown off features that were related to microphone and camera security at  I/O and they are now being rolled out. In terms of ease of access, the microphone and camera indicators appear in the upper right corner. These will pop up anytime an app is using one of these tools.

The operating system will also alert you via a toast notification when an application has access to your clipboard contents. The notification will not be pushed if the clipboard contents are from the same app, but this tool is a good way of checking if sensitive data is being copied by other predators.

Finally, the Android 12 beta 2 also offers a new way when it comes to interacting with your network connections. Earlier, in Android 11,  long-pressing the Wi-Fi Quick Tile would take you to the networking section of Android settings. Now, there is a new pop-up with the most-used toggles and links.

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