Broadband Routers Types Based on Usage and Interface

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Broadband Routers Type

Broadband routers play a pivotal role in delivering internet access to our devices. It is a device that helps you create a fully customised wireless network. It further allows a network and the devices connected to the network to access the internet. They are used in both home broadband connections as well as broadband connections in offices. Since different varieties of routers are available in the market, knowing about their features makes it easier for you to make the right choice. A broadband router can provide different functions based on your requirements. There are broadly two classifications of broadband routers that are further divided by types. The broader category of broadband routers includes wired broadband routers and wireless broadband routers.

Wired vs Wireless Broadband Routers

Wired broadband routers are traditional devices that, as the name suggests, use cables to connect the broadband router with devices like computers, laptops, printers and more. These routers are mainly used in office environments where reliable data transfer speeds are required in a local area network. A wired broadband router establishes a stable connection as cables are involved.

Wireless broadband routers are newer technology routers and are popularly known as Wi-Fi broadband Routers. They are equipped with external antennas that help in data transmission in the form of radiofrequency waves. They are useful in environments where multiple devices want to stay connected to a single broadband connection. Under these broader classifications of broadband routers, there are three different types of routers which are Edge Routers, Core Routers and Virtual Routers.

Edge Broadband Routers Create Connection Between Networks in A Distance

Edge Broadband Routers are placed at the edge of networks which allows an edge router of one network to connect to the edge router of another network. An edge broadband router can create a connection between two or more networks positioned at a distance from each other. This concept is used by virtual office applications to create a vast area network that allows their workforce located in different parts of the world to share files and access data.

Core Broadband Routers Lie at The Core of Network

Core Broadband Routers are present in the crux of a network. Such routers are used to restrict access and control priorities for various devices. A core broadband router wirelessly connects all the connected devices to the edge router in the network.

Virtual Broadband Routers Are Software Routers Without Any Hardware

A virtual broadband router has no dedicated hardware involved as these are software routers. Instead of a box-like router, a computer or server is configured to perform the functions of a router that involves routing internet traffic and managing bandwidth distribution. Edge and core broadband routers can be set with the help of virtual broadband routers.

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