Google Chrome Receives Major Improvements, Tabs Now Load 10% Faster

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Google on Tuesday said that the Chrome tabs will now load up to 10% faster due to the multiple “under-the-hood performance improvements” such as the Profile Guided Optimisation (PGO) and tab throttling. According to a blog post, Max Christoff, engineering director of Chrome said that the PGO, a compiler optimisation tool ensures that the “most performance-critical” section of a code runs faster. PGO is said to use real usage scenarios that “match the workflows of Chrome users around the world." It was said that the “most common tasks” receive preferential treatment and are made “faster.”

Chrome Users to Notice Improvements in Performance

Christoff said in the blog post that the Chrome tabs delivered “greater speed improvements” in their testing even under noticeable load to the CPU.

“Our testing consistently shows pages loading up to 10% faster at the median, and even greater speed improvements when your CPU is tasked with running many tabs or programs,” Christoff said.

Further, Christoff said that the tab throttling will ensure that the Chrome browser provides additional resources to the tabs that are currently under use.

“Chrome will give more resources to the tabs you’re using by taking them back from tabs that have been in the background for a long time,” Christoff said. “We see improvements not only in loading speed but also battery and memory savings.”

The tab throttling is currently said to be rolling out to the users on the beta channel.

Google Chrome Users Can Now Collapse and Expand Tab Groups

Additionally, Google in the release on Tuesday said that its Chrome users can now collapse and expand tab groups.

“This was the most popular feature request we heard from those of you using tab groups,” Google said.

Meanwhile, Google has also delivered multiple other updates to its Chrome browser including “touch-friendly tabs” for tablet mode and tab previews.

The “touch-friendly” tabs are said to make it “easier” for the users to flip through tabs on Chrome in a tablet mode. Google said that the Chromebooks will initially receive the feature consisting of a new touchscreen interface with tabs that are “larger and more practical to organize.”

Further, Chrome on Android will now suggest the users switch to an already-open tab when they start typing a page title into the address bar and the users have that page opened in the background. The Android Chrome users will also notice the improvements to URL sharing that aids users to quickly copy a link and send it to Chrome on other devices or other apps. It was also said that the users can print the page or generate QR code to scan or download. The QR code feature is also said to be rolling out to desktop browser with the users provided the ability to access the code through a dedicated QR icon on the address bar.

The Chrome users on the beta channel can now hover over a tab and “quickly see a thumbnail preview” of the page.

Crucially, the enhancements to Chrome as introduced on Tuesday now also includes the ability for the users to fill out and save PDF forms directly from Chrome.

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