Gigatel 100 Mbps Broadband Plan Costs a Whopping Rs 999 Per Month

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Gigatel is a private broadband service provider based out of the capital of India, New Delhi. At present, the internet service provider (ISP) is providing its services in the region of Delhi only.

It is a fiber broadband company that provides internet plans offering up to 100 Mbps download and upload speeds. If you are looking for a 100 Mbps broadband plan, note that Gigatel’s plan is one of the costliest in the markets.

But at the same time, Gigatel uses its own network to provide broadband customers with high-speed internet. This means that the company has complete control over the security protocols it uses on its network.

Let’s take a look at its 100 Mbps plan and see what benefits it comes with.

Gigatel 100 Mbps Broadband Plan Comes for Rs 999 Per Month

Gigatel provides its 100 Mbps broadband plan for a cost of Rs 999 per month. The users have the option to either pre-pay or post-pay the charges for their plan.

In comparison, all the other broadband service providers offer their 100 Mbps plan for a cost of Rs 750-800. What’s strange is that even after charging such a ‘premium’ amount from the customers, Gigatel is not offering them any over-the-top (OTT) benefits.

Duly note that the users won’t have to pay anything for the installation or the activation of the connection. However, the company charges a refundable security deposit of Rs 1,500 for the ONU devices it provides to the customers.

We couldn’t confirm what the fair usage policy (FUP) data limit for its plans is, but the company has mentioned in its ‘Terms and Conditions’ page that once the user consumes all FUP data for a 50/100 Mbps plan, the speed will be reduced to 2 Mbps. Further, for all the other plans, the speed drops to 1 Mbps.

Data usage will include both the downloading and uploading activities. Another thing that the users should know is that the prices of its plans are exclusive of GST. So the users will have to pay an additional 18% on top of Rs 999 per month for the Gigatel 100 Mbps plan.

The company also offers three more plans with 20, 50, and 75 Mbps speeds. The cheapest plan with 20 Mbps speed costs Rs 599 per month, 50 Mbps speed costs Rs 699, and 75 Mbps costs Rs 899 per month.

All the plans mentioned above are for home usage by regular users. The company also offers broadband plans for business needs with a dedicated bandwidth and no throttling guarantee during peak hours.

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