MTS Pilot 5G Network Provides Up To 1.5 Gbps Downloading/Uploading Speed

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MTS is a leading telecom service provider based out of Russia. The company recently tested its 5G network with select users and provided them with a downloading/uploading speed of up to 1.5 Gbps. It is worth noting that this pilot 5G network is Russia’s first multi-location 5G network available for subscribers. The pilot network covers the area of 14 high-footfall public spots in Moscow. The invited subscribers had 5G smartphones that could support the n79 band in the 4.4 GHz to 5 GHz frequency.

Pilot to Help MTS Test Network Infrastructure Under Real-World Usage

MTS said that this limited test will help the company’s specialists in monitoring the network infrastructure and how it performed under real-world usage. The company termed this as a ‘limited’ launch and said that it would help in a broader rollout of the technology.

Furthermore, MTS said that it would be inviting more users with compatible smartphones/devices for testing its 5G network in different areas such as AR/VR, Ultra-HD (UHD) videos, cloud gaming, and more. All the subscribers invited for the pilot will be handpicked by the company, and the confirmation for the same will be communicated by an SMS from MTS.

MTS also had a subsidiary company in India providing wireless voice, messaging, broadband internet, and more services. In 2017, the company merged with Reliance Communications only to be wiped off the stiff competition in the Indian telecom market.

However, 5G in India is still a distant future for now. It will at least take six months for the 5G spectrum auctions to occur, and then there is the need for testing. While major countries have all either rolled out 5G commercially or piloting 5G networks, India still sits talking about the use-cases of 5G.

The government needs to fast-track the 5G process and ensure that India doesn’t get behind other countries in the 5G race.

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