Garmin Edge 1040 Solar and Varia RCT715 Tail Light Goes Official in India

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Garmin Edge 1040

Garmin is one of the top brands globally in manufacturing fitness gear for consumers. The company has launched two new products for the Indian market. The first product is Edge 1040 Solar and the second one is Varia RCT715. The Edge 1040 Solar is a GPS biking computer, while the Varia RCT715 is a rear-view radar-activated tail light with a built-in camera. Both the products are meant for cyclists.

The Edge 1040 Solar comes with over 100 hours of battery life. It is also equipped with multi-band GNSS technology for offering a very precise GPS positioning in challenging ride environments.

Here are the top features of both the products.

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar

Firstly, the Edge 1040 Solar comes with solar charging enabled. As mentioned above, there’s multi-band GNSS technology. It allows users to classify strengths and weaknesses as a cyclist and prepare for the demands of a specific course. There is recommendation offered to the users about how much power they should exert to make it easier throughout the course. Users can also get real-time stamina insights to check their exertion levels.

Mostly, it is simple to set up and access the data through the Garmin Connect smart device app.

Garmin Varia RCT715 Tail Light

The Varia RCT715 comes with a built-in camera. It can record in 1080p/30fps during any ride. In case there’s an incident, the camera automatically captures it and stores it. Footage from before, during, and after the incident will be taken. Through the Varia app, users can access all the recorded footage without any issues.

Price of Garmin Edge 1040 Solar and Varia RCT715

The Garmin Edge 1040 Solar has been launched for Rs 72,990, whereas the Varia RCT715 will come for Rs 40,490. In a bundle, both the products (Edge 1040 non-solar version) can be bought at Rs 67,990.

Both the products will be available in India starting July 14, 2022, via Amazon India, Synergizer and Garmin Brand Store.

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