Facebook Might Start Showing Ads in WhatsApp After Unification of Messaging Platforms

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Facebook has nearly acquired all the major messaging platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned app WhatsApp is planning to serve ads to its users. Facebook earlier dropped the plans of showing ads in WhatsApp. However, as per the media reports, WhatsApp users might witness Ads in future. Facebook and Instagram Platforms already leverage the Ads section and shows users different types of Ads as per their interest and specifications. Facebook has already suspended push to bring Ads in order to avoid antagonising regulators.

WhatsApp Ads Come after Unification of Facebook Owned Platforms

Earlier, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the instant messaging giant is planning to combine all the messaging platforms, which includes Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. To Show Ads, Facebook will use phone numbers to match the account of users in both Facebook and WhatsApp. However, the process might take time, as all the platforms have a massive amount of active users. Also, the reports state that combining WhatsApp will take most of the time, and the official announcement might not happen in 2020. Since the spread of COVID-19 is also increased, it is expected that the process will be pushed more further and users might not see Ads in WhatsApp soon. The news is revealed by The Information first.

Facebook Will Leverage WhatsApp Status for Ads

WhatsApp status is one of the most appealing features which might be fruitful for the tech giant to deploys Ads. Since user engagement is the highest in WhatsApp status, Facebook might directly or indirectly use the opportunity to show Ads. Since Facebook is trying to leverage WhatsApp users who are on Facebook, the reported plan might bring hassle to the instant-messaging platform giant. One of the significant trouble which the company will face is the mass deletion of the Facebook account of WhatsApp users who might not like the merger of profile together with their Facebook and WhatsApp accounts. However, no formal structure has been finalised by Facebook and WhatsApp status Ads is a long-term opportunity for the company. The plan of showing Ads is sure, but the exact period might be far away.

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