Explained: Why is Nokia X not a value for money device?

Alright folks, Nokia X has been on sale in India for Rs 8,599 for a couple of weeks but the device has been off to a lukewarm start. It is the first Android based device from the stable of Nokia and runs on a forked version of Android. But do you think it has value for money written over it? We don’t. And here’s why.


The smartphone’s Android version based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for starters does not support the play store. You won’t get all the applications there are on the Play Store and you need to side load the APKs of applications. You can download applications from Nokia’s app store or a third party store such as Yandex. Nokia has just made minor tweaks to stock Android (changed just three APIs) so developers need to tweak their apps slightly to become compatible with the devices running the forked version of Android. It is a new experience as many would see it but the majority wouldn’t take so much of pain.

So now that the software aspect is sorted, let us see where it lags behind in other aspects. RAM is 512MB and other Android devices in the price range feature a 1GB RAM and we all know Android uses more resources. The imaging department takes a hit as well with a 3.0MP rear camera and no front camera. Rest of the specs we can live with but these issues simply don’t compel us. It may have a good build quality, Nokia’s trust and the likes but when it comes to value for money, we are not sure if we can vouch for it you can also check the first impression of Nokia X unboxing for the same.

It does break the clutter of having a plethora of Android devices on sale in the country, brings a new and fresh UI, a lot of vibrancy and the likes. Yes it is a good device but not so value for money. You can get way better specced Android devices in the same price range that would save you a lot of effort or you can buy a Lumia 520 which is about a 1,000 rupees cheaper. What say?

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April 12, 2014 7:22 am 7:22 AM

The reason why noxia X is not value for money is because it doesnt run google play services … microsoft uses its own services in it !

March 28, 2014 1:21 pm 1:21 PM

My vote is to Nokia X Only. Nokia’s build quality is very good. They make good hardware ( no doubt in that.). Nokia-X can give good battery life as unnecessary things from android are chopped. 3MP nokia camera is better than 8MP local branded Phones. Nokia-X is gaining lot of attention for the good reason Nokia’s Products are simply good.

March 26, 2014 12:11 am 12:11 AM

Bhai log fast hardware wale android nokia ke sath kabhi bhi nahi same wale. Unone khudh Nokia x laugh karate wakth bola hai.
Nokia mobile range given below

B/W phone < s40 or s30 < Asha series(Asha OS) < Nokia X series (Android OS) < Nokia lumia series (Wimdows phone OS).

Ok got it
and Nokia phones based on Selfish OS ho sakte hai , jab Nokia Microsoft deal cancel ho to.