100 Mbps Broadband Plans from Airtel, Jio, BSNL, Hathway, Eronet and Railwire

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Fibre broadband networks have become a popular medium for people to get stable and high-speed internet. One of the high-speed plans which is sought by customers the most is 100 Mbps broadband plans. There are a number of internet service providers (ISPs) in India which provide this kind of speed. Amongst them, BSNL, Airtel, Jio, and Hathway have garnered the attention of a lot of customers. But there are other ISPs as well which provide 100 Mbps speed broadband plans to their customers such as Eronet and Railwire. Let’s take a look at 100 Mbps speed broadband plans from each of these ISPs.

Airtel Xstream Fiber

Airtel’s broadband branch is known as Xstream Fiber. It is fiber-based broadband service from Bharti Airtel. Its base plan which is called ‘Basic’ provides customers with 100 Mbps speed. Along with that the customer also gets 150GB FUP data after which the browsing speeds will be reduced. This plan costs Rs 799 per month. In case you want to top the 150GB data with unlimited data for the month, you can pay Rs 299 extra and get 3.3TB data for the month. There is an OTT benefit as well — Airtel Xstream Premium. Along with that, Airtel Thanks benefits are offered too.


JioFiber offers a 100 Mbps speed plan as well and it is called ‘Bronze’. Normally, a customer would get 100GB data with the plan but due to the lockdown, JioFiber is offering its customers double data benefit. So the customer would essentially get 200GB data for now. Along with that, the customers recharging for the first time, they will get an introductory 50GB data. This plan comes for a monthly charge of Rs 699. After the user has exhausted his/her FUP limit of data, he/she can continue to browse the internet at 1 Mbps speed.

Along with that, there is free voice calling, TV video calling, zero-latency gaming, home networking, and device security for 5 devices included. As a welcome offer, JioFiber users will get a home gateway + STB for free. There is OTT benefit of JioCinema and JioSaavn for a total of 3 times as well.


BSNL is one of the oldest and prominent internet service providers of the country. It recently launched a 100 Mbps speed broadband plan for Rs 849. The name of the plan is Fibro 425GB per Month CS359 CUL. This plan has been introduced in the Madhya Pradesh circle. But the users can only subscribe to this plan till October 5, 2020.

This plan will offer 100 Mbps speed to the customers with 425GB data. Once the initial 425GB data for the month is exhausted, the customer can continue browsing the internet at 2 Mbps speed. There is an unlimited voice calling included as well.


Hathway is a private ISP which has been in the market for quite some time now. The ISP also provides a range of broadband plans to its customers. There is a 100 Mbps speed broadband plan which Hathway offers too. It comes with a monthly FUP limit of 100GB data. Post exhaustion, the customer can continue browsing the internet at 3 Mbps speed. It doesn’t come for a monthly subscription plan though.

The customer can purchase from the 3, 6, or 12 months plans. The 3 months plan offering 100 Mbps speed comes for Rs 2,100. The 6 months plan comes for Rs 4,200 and the 12 months plan comes for Rs 8,988.


Eronet is a growing internet service provider in the country. It offers a different number of 100 Mbps speed plans. There are two types of 100 Mbps speed broadband plans the customers can choose from, one is the unlimited data plans and the other is the Limited data plans. There are six different limited data plans. We will focus on the base limited data plan of Rs 499 per month which is quite cheaper than the base plans of other ISP’s which provide 100 Mbps speed. The user gets 200GB data at 100 Mbps. After exhausting the 200GB data, internet speed is reduced to 5 Mbps. The unlimited data plan with 100 Mbps speed costs Rs 999 plan.


Railwire is a broadband service which is provided by the Railtel. The Wi-Fi which you get when you are at a railway station in India is availed by Railwire only. But Railwire is not just restricted to the passengers in the Railway station. Railwire is provided for home broadband users as well.

Customers can opt from either FUP plans or Unlimited plans of Railwire. There is a 100 Mbps plan included in both. For the unlimited plan, there is no monthly service, the customer can opt from 3 months plan (Rs 2,997), 6 months plan (5,994), or 10 months plan (9,990).

But there is a monthly plan in the FUP plans. For the 100 Mbps FUP plan which comes with 600GB monthly data, the customer can either choose the monthly plan (Rs 749), 3 months plan (Rs 2,247), 6 months plan (Rs 4,494), or 10 months plan (Rs 7,490).

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