Ericsson Announces New 5G Radios to be Made in India

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On Wednesday, Ericsson announced the new 5G radios that will be produced in India itself. These radios will help the Indian telecom operators in rolling out 5G. Ericsson already has partnerships with all the private telcos in the country. Ericsson has introduced the ultra-lightweight Massive MIMO 32T32R radios as the best fit for India's needs - AIR3219 and AIR3268 (Antenna Integrated Radio). The company said that these radios would be produced in India.

The new radios from Ericsson are energy efficient and are equipped with coverage-enhancing features such as Uplink booster, which makes these radios pretty relevant for a market such as India. In India, consumers have often faced coverage and capacity issues. Ericsson said that these radios had been designed for 5G mid-band Massive MIMO performance. All the telcos in the country have the mid-band spectrum for rolling out 5G, so these radios can definitely play a vital role in their journey.

Because these radios are lightweight, they are easy to deploy on rooftops, towers, walls and poles.

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