Ericsson 5G Industry Connect Solution Deployed at Capgemini’s Mumbai Lab

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Ericsson 5G Industry Connect Solution

Capgemini, a French IT consulting firm, has deployed the 5G Industry Connect solution offered by Ericsson with the motive of accelerating the deployment of 5G solutions in India. The solution was deployed at Capgemini’s Mumbai lab. With 5G revolutionising connectivity as we know it, Capgemini’s 5G lab for industries are designed to enable organisations across sectors to pivot and test their businesses towards the intelligent industry. Adopting 5G would help organisations in service automation, autonomous devices and various other use cases depending on the nature of the business.

Details on Ericsson’s 5G Industry Connect Solution

Ericsson Industry connect is a network product in a plug and play model which would come pre-packaged and pre-integrated. The solution is suitable for industries that require a fully private, on-premise deployment of a 5G network for limited coverage areas. The 5G Industry Connect solution would be the best use in segments of an organisation like warehousing and manufacturing. These segments are closed and confined and thus can reap the benefits of the solution. The 5G lab in which this solution is deployed will enable organisations from different industry verticals to test out 5G use cases that can be applied to their industries. These industries include but are not limited to – Healthcare, Safety and Manufacturing.

Capgemini’s Role in 5G Deployment in India

Capgemini’s 5G lab in Mumbai is spread over 1300sq ft. It offers an agile and collaborative environment in which the best-of-breed technologies on the network, could, edge computing, hardware and software solutions are leveraged. Organisations will be provided with support and will be accompanied by experts in exploring the latest use cases and experiencing how 5G can help transform their business. The experts from the lab will also help the organisations to build, monetise, and strategise on what changes and improvements 5G can bring to their business.

The Capgemini 5G lab offers a Ready to Use Platform: Capgemini

Capgemini’s Chief Executive Officer for India and member of the Group Executive Committee, Ashwin Yardi, has issued a statement saying that Capgemini’s 5G lab offers a ready to use platform for their customers. This platform helps to ideate, innovate and deploy use cases as they adopt new technologies which will enable their customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey towards the intelligent industry. He further added that this 5G lab would also support Capgemini’s global customers and cater to four main industry categories that are Smart Factory, Smart Utilities, Smart City and Smart Retail. This will enhance the relevance of the lab’s use cases in the multiple sectors of industries.

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