DoT and Police Launch Project to Reduce Mobile Thefts

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The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and the Delhi Police have together launched the ‘Central Equipment Identity Register’ project. This project will help the authorities in tracing, blocking, and reporting IEMI numbers of stolen electronic devices. According to a PTI report, the project is currently launched in Maharashtra and Delhi. With the new project, the concerned authorities will be able to take quick actions and also notify the telecom service providers (TSPs) about the stolen devices so that they can be blocked.

What is IEMI and How Will DoT and Police Use it to Reduce Mobile Thefts?

The IEMI code is a 15 digit number that is available for every smartphone that is manufactured. This code can be used by the relevant authorities in determining the location of the smartphone and further block its usage.

Once the IEMI code of the device is reported and validated, the authorities can give the code to the TSPs and ask them to block it from receiving any mobile network within the country. This will render the smartphone totally useless for the person who stole it. Further, if the thief tries to put a SIM card on the smartphone and use it, the TSPs will be able to trace the location and other related information that will aid the police in catching him/her.

This is a much-needed project and one that will discourage the stealing of smartphones. There are more ways through which a user can trace the location of his/her smartphone in case it is lost or stolen. With the help of his/her Google ID, the user will be able to not only trace the device if it is active but also erase all of its data in case there is anything sensitive on it. The reach of this project from DoT and the police should increase to more states in the coming days.

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