DE-CIX Launches Copenhagen and Esbjerg Hubs to Boost Digital Connectivity in Denmark

These hubs serve as digital gateways, offering peering and cloud connectivity services to businesses of all sizes and facilitating low-latency interconnection, regional connectivity, and localization of global content.


  • DE-CIX has launched DE-CIX Copenhagen and Esbjerg as part of its expansion plans.
  • Copenhagen and Esbjerg offer strategic locations for interconnection in Denmark.
  • ocal networks benefit from low-latency interconnection and localization of global content.

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DE-CIX Launches Copenhagen and Esbjerg Hubs to Boost Digital Connectivity in Denmark

DE-CIX, a global Internet exchange operator, has announced the official opening of two new interconnection hubs in Denmark: DE-CIX Copenhagen and Esbjerg. The launch event took place during Computerworld's Enterprise Architecture Day 2023, in collaboration with partners BULK Infrastructure Group AS and Digital Realty.

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Denmark's Strategic Locations for Digital Connectivity

Copenhagen, the capital and largest city of Denmark, is known for its thriving services and commerce sectors. With the establishment of DE-CIX Copenhagen, the city strengthens its position as a major digital hub in the region.

On the other hand, Esbjerg, situated on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula, strategically connects to the North Sea and serves as an important port town. The presence of multiple subsea cable systems in the region makes Esbjerg a gateway to the Nordics and North America.

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Peering and Cloud Connectivity

DE-CIX's new interconnection hubs, located in the Interxion CPH1 data center in Copenhagen and the Bulk Data data center DK01 in Esbjerg, provide businesses of all sizes with comprehensive peering and cloud connectivity services.

DE-CIX says these platforms enable companies to effectively manage their cloud strategies and gain control over their data beyond the "public" Internet.

According to the statement, the GlobePEER Nordics peering service offered by DE-CIX combines local peering with regional peering, covering all DE-CIX Nordics locations and DE-CIX Hamburg.

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Digital Hubs for Enhanced Connectivity

By establishing these new locations in Denmark, DE-CIX aims to create digital hubs that facilitate regional connectivity and interconnection. The interconnection hubs empower local networks with low-latency interconnection capabilities and the ability to localize global content. This results in improved network stability, scalability, and security for businesses operating in the region.

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