HMD Global Releases the Changes Between Chinese and Global Version of the Nokia 6

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The official house of Nokia phones, HMD Global, just recently announced that the Nokia 6 smartphone would be available starting July, in the US. Customers can get their hands on the upcoming handset from Amazon for USD 229 (about Rs. 14,777). However, what comes as a surprise now is that the international version of the Nokia 6 will slightly differ from its Chinese variant. Although the changes might be subtle, it is something to look forward to.


With this latest development, the global version of the Nokia 6 including the Indian variant will come with 3GB of RAM, while the Chinese version has 4GB of RAM. We get to see changes on the software side as well, as the company has confirmed that it has taken care of a few bugs and issues. The RF Card configuration error has been fixed, and the company also addressed the issue of the FP driver not loading when the device entered power-off charging.

Along with these internal changes, HMD also implemented a handful of mechanical changes. The rib of the camera ring has been modified a bit to avoid any interference and to improve the main camera deviation; the rear cover rib thickness has also been increased. Changes have been made to the rear cover to fit the battery tape.

HMD Global has sent an official letter to FCC, after prior certification, listing all the changes made to the global variant of the Nokia 6. Here are the changes between the Chinese and global version of the Nokia 6.

Software part:

  • Fix RF Card configuration error
  • Not load FP driver when the device enter power-off charging

Hardware part:

  • Add 2nd source battery, HE335
  • Add 4G RAM / 64G ROM
  • Change L6219 & R6210 to NC to improve WiFi mask performance
  • Change L6220 to NC
  • Change R711, R707, R2207 to Murata Bead board to optimise camera de-sense
  • Change FPM to low voltage, add one diode + Low voltage FW to reduce FPM noise
  • Speaker Box SUS material change from 304 to 430 to resolve static magnetic issue.
  • Change coil material from FH5 to FH7 to improve coil heat resistant.


  • Rear cover, Increase the thickness of Rib to improve the Main Cam deviation
  • Rear cover, Increase the chamfer to fit the change of battery tape
  • Rear cover, Decrease the thickness to increase the gap between Battery and Rear Cover
  • Camera Ring, modify the Rib of Camera Ring to avoid the interference
  • A Cover, increase the mark of PLE
  • Change front camera sponge to conductive sponge
  • Power Key: modify the key dimension to improve key feeling
  • Rear cover, increase thickness of NFC pad
  • Rear cover, increase thickness to resolve the front cam deviation issue
  • Rear cover, modify the gap between rear cover & A cover to resolve assembly interference issue

As for the Indian launch, HMD already announced the three Nokia Android smartphones and the Nokia 3310 feature phone. The Nokia 3310 is available since mid-May for Rs. 3310, while the Android-powered Nokia phones shed light earlier this month. The Nokia 3 is already up for sale in India via the major offline stores. The Nokia 5 will be available from July 7, while the Nokia 6 would be up for pre-order on July 14. The Nokia 5 will also be an offline exclusive, whereas the Nokia 6 will be an Amazon Exclusive.

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