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Apple’s Spatial Audio and Lossless Is Finally Available on Android

Apple Music has been the Cupertino Giant’s take on music streaming and, with this platform, the company offers some audio features that make it worth the shift to iOS or macOS. But now, it seems that the need to shift to iOS to enjoy the exact same features might not be required, as Apple Music listeners on Android will now be able to take advantage of the Dolby Atmos based... Read More

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Twitter Is Testing Out the Ability to Dislike Replies on iOS

Twitter has always been a platform for lively discussions, with people more often than not getting too engaged in such kinds of discussions, for better or for worse. To date, however, there has been only one option, at least in recent times to show how you feel about the particular reply or tweet, which was the like button. This can show the user's feelings towards another user's tweet, if they... Read More

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Netflix Records Spike in Indian Users, Games for No Additional Cost

Netflix, the American over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform, witnessed “some increase” in user acquisition in India in its second quarter, Spence Neumann, chief financial officer at Netflix, said in its earnings call. The streaming giant on Tuesday reported its second-quarter financial results, with Netflix recording US$7.3 billion (around Rs 544 billion) in revenue, translating to a 19% year-over-year (YoY) increase. The company said that its operating income hit US$1.8 billion (around... Read More

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Brave Browser Over Chrome Might Be a Great Idea

Most PC and Laptop users have been accustomed to using Chrome, especially if they are running Windows rather than macOS. Competitors such as Firefox and Edge have fallen behind in terms of taking the fight to the popular browser, but, in reality, Chrome is not as good as it might seem to you. In today's day and age, usability and certain minor features make or break a browser or application... Read More

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Apple Lossless Music Is Finally Being Rolled Out to Indian Users

Post multiple leaks and rumours, Apple is finally rolling out Apple Music's Lossless and Spatial Audio streaming features in India. It is surprising how long it took the Cupertino giant to roll the same to the country, as it had been initially revealed during the WWDC or World Wide Developer Conference in early 2021. This feature, for anyone wondering, will let users opt for enhanced audio quality depending on the... Read More

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WhatsApp May Soon Allow Encrypted Cloud Backups for Android

WhatsApp has been under immense scrutiny due to certain security-related concerns by users, which led to the popular messaging service losing out its key users to alternatives such as Signal and Telegram, both of which promised to offer greater security for the user, something that seemed to be lacking on the Facebook-owned messaging service. Despite all this negativity, WhatsApp took out full-page ads to make users aware of how it... Read More

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Global Expansion Remains Top Priority for Streaming Players: PwC

Cinedigm India division is set to “develop streaming services” for the Indian and South Asian markets, says Gary Loffredo, chief operating officer at Cinedigm. The independent streaming entertainment company in early March announced the creation of its India division, with Cinedigm highlighting that its team will “begin development and planning for a new, branded global ‘umbrella’ service.” In its release, Cinedigm said that its new “umbrella service” will “showcase” the... Read More

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WhatsApp Might Start Being Used By Banks to Share Pension Related Info

WhatsApp is becoming more and more competition-proof as days roll by. Although no messaging application has been able to get to WhatsApp’s level of popularity, but given the increasing competition with the app, there was certainly pressure on WhatsApp to innovate and improve and offer some of the features which were available on applications other than WhatsApp. Now it seems that WhatsApp might be levelling up from simply being a... Read More

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WhatsApp Can Be Used on Multiple Devices Now

WhatsApp can now be used on multiple devices. The much-awaited ‘multi-device’ feature that several million users of the application have been waiting for is out now. But the feature has only been rolled out for users running the beta version of the application. However, if the feature has made it to the beta version of WhatsApp, it shouldn’t take much time to be rolled out for the stable version, given... Read More

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Instagram Introduces ‘Security Check’ for Accounts That Have Been Hacked

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. The Facebook-owned platform keeps on tweaking its security features to ensure that its users always have a safe experience in running the application. Instagram has recently announced a ‘Security Check’ feature that is aimed to make previously hacked accounts more secure. This feature will help those users who don’t really understand how they can make their accounts secure.... Read More

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WhatsApp May Soon Allow Users to Join Missed Group Calls

WhatsApp seems to be testing certain improvements in relation to its voice-calling interface within the service. Furthermore, the company has also been testing the ability to join group calls whilst they are in progress. Out of these two improvements, the second one is yet to be possible as of now, since, if you miss a group call, an active participant will need to add you back so as to allow... Read More

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ZEE5 Set to Gain Traction From Original Content

ZEE5 and Sun NXT, the over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms run by ZEE Entertainment Enterprises and Sun TV are “expected” to drive up the subscription revenues for the respective companies, say analysts. In the first quarter results of the current financial year, multiple analysts expect the broadcasters including ZEE Entertainment Enterprises and Sun TV to record a “sequential dip” in advertising revenues. However, the analysts say the broadcasters are set to... Read More

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