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WhatsApp Might Allow Users to Hide Online Status from Contacts Soon

A recent report claims that Android WhatsApp users may soon get the option to hide their online status. According to reports, the functionality is still being worked on and cannot yet be made available to beta testers. About a month ago, it was reported that iOS users might hide their online status. This week, a Meta-owned platform made the formal announcement that it is launching a new feature that would... Read More

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WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone and Vice Versa Procedure

One of the most frequently requested WhatsApp features may have been the ability to transfer your entire chat history from an iPhone to an Android device or vice versa. So stop requesting since it has finally come to pass. This feature was only available in beta until recently; it is now open to the public. Your settings, media, one-on-one and group chat histories, profile picture, and account information will all... Read More

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Should Google be Worried of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok have grown at a very aggressive pace. For each age group of users, these platforms are slightly different. But one thing that almost all the users on these social media apps are doing is consuming content in a more immersive way than in the boring old world of text/blogs. Especially young people. Old people are accustomed to searching for content in... Read More

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Google Maps to Help You Save Fuel Costs Soon

Google Maps most recent beta update, version 11.39, includes options for users to pick the engine type of the vehicle they would be driving in order to "save you the most petrol or energy" when driving. Google now offers customers four alternatives to determine which route will prove to be the most fuel-efficient for a vehicle with a given type of engine: gas, diesel, electric, and hybrid. According to the... Read More

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YouTube Celebrates 10 Years of ‘The Billion View Club’

YouTube, one of the biggest freemium model-based OTT (Over-the-top) applications, is celebrating ten years of ‘The Billion Views Club’. It all started with the ‘Gangnam Style’ from Psy, which became a super hit globally. July 15, 2022, marked ten years since the song first came out and marked the start of the YouTube Billion Views Club. Since then, multiple artists and so many songs have joined the billion views club... Read More

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WhatsApp Working to Give Users More time to Delete Sent Messages for Everyone

Have you ever found yourself in a predicament where you really wanted to undo sending a message but were unable to do so because you were past the cutoff time? So, WhatsApp will now somewhat lessen your problems. The messaging app is currently proposing to extend the "Delete for me" feature's time restriction. WhatsApp is developing a number of intriguing features that will simplify tasks for users. According to rumours, WhatsApp... Read More

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Truecaller Brings New Audio Chat App Called Open Doors

The Scandinavian caller identification provider Truecaller unveiled Open Doors, a new real-time audio conversation app, on Wednesday, July 13. Teams from Truecaller in India and Stockholm created the new app. Open Doors will be freely accessible worldwide via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, according to the company. Also, it integrates perfectly with iOS and Android. More information regarding the new app Open Doors can be downloaded by... Read More

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Twitter Unmention Feature Rolling Out Now

The Unmention tool, which gives users more control over who can tag them on the network, has finally been enabled on Twitter. Through its official Twitter account, the corporation has announced the installation of the new feature. Users can now remove their tags and quit an ongoing conversation on the platform. Here is all the information you require on this feature and how it functions. Twitter Unmention Feature The new... Read More

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WhatsApp Pay Registers Big Growth in UPI Transactions in June 2022

WhatsApp Pay, a tool inside WhatsApp mobile application for the users to send money to each other via UPI’s platform, has registered a big growth in the volume of transactions and the amount transacted in June 2022. Since the start of the year, WhatsApp’s growth in the UPI space has been negligible. The growth curve was mostly flat for both the volume of transactions as well as the amount transacted.... Read More

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Airtel Owned Wynk Music Now Top Ranked Music App on Play Store

Bharti Airtel offers access to Wynk Music, in-house music and audio app, to its customers with prepaid as well as postpaid plans. Users can get Wynk Premium access with certain services offered by Airtel. Otherwise, users can purchase a premium subscription to the platform. The cost of Wynk Music Premium is Rs 49 per month if the users register on the platform. Now, Wynk Music is the top-ranked music app... Read More

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WhatsApp to Bring New Useful Features Soon

There is evidence that WhatsApp is working on including a feature that would allow users to mask their online status. Users could select who can view their online status on the instant messaging app using this feature. In a subsequent version, it’s likely to be accessible. Separately, it has been alleged that the Meta-owned firm is changing the window within which beta testers can remove messages. The function is present... Read More

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