BSNL Facing Bandwidth Issues in Select Cities, Unable to Serve New FTTH Connections

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Update: It is learned from BSNL Sources that BSNL Kerala circle has quickly responded and diverted equipments to Palakkad to resolve the bandwidth issue in Attapadi area.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is currently witnessing “severe bandwidth issue in Attappadi area” in Kerala resulting in “heavy customer complaints and churn.” The development was shared by Sanchar Nigam Executives Association (SNEA) Kerala Circle in a mail as uploaded on its website to the chief general manager of BSNL Kerala circle on Monday. The Kerala arm of the SNEA, one of the largest and recognized executive associations in BSNL highlighted in the mail that the BSNL services in Attappadi area is in “heavy demand.” It was said that the connectivity to the Attappadi is currently delivered through a microwave link from Mannarkkad to Kalkandi with the line extended to Agali through an optical fiber. The bandwidth for the entire area from Mannarkkad to Agali is said to have a maximum limit of 155 Mbps.

BSNL Facing Bandwidth Issues in Select Cities Across India

Additionally, it is said that the connectivity to Attappadi is also delivered through an optical fiber from Coimbatore to Agali with the operator being allotted 450 Mbps capacity.

It is said that the Attappadi area currently consists of two BSNL telephone exchanges and seven GSM sites including five 3G sites of the operator. Further, the area is also said to host five Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer, a network device that receives signals from a subscriber’s DSL line at the exchange.

Crucially, two optical line termination in the area is said to serve more than 100 Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) connections with another 100 FTTH connections said to be on the waiting list.

The operator is said to currently rely on the microwave link through Kalkandi to serve its users due to the “poor reliability” of the cable emerging from Coimbatore and its low bandwidth.

BSNL Unable to Serve Users Despite Heavy Demand

The Kerala arm of the SNEA highlighted that the key rivals of the operator are yet to “build up their base” in the Attappadi area.

“The bandwidth of around 450 Mbps is totally insufficient to cater to the increasing needs of Attappadi area,” the Kerala arm of the SNEA said in its letter. “The end user is suffocated with bandwidth crunch and lots of complaints are pouring in. We are also unable to give further FTTH connections in the area despite heavy demand.”

The executive association made multiple proposals to the BSNL management including a proposal to implement IP microwave with at least 2.5Gbps capacity from Mannarkkad to Kalkandy. The Kerala arm of the SNEA also said that the BSNL management may look into leasing of fibre from other agencies to meet its requirements.

“It is understood that RJIO is also planning to enter the area,” the Kerala arm of the SNEA said in its letter. “This may result in massive churn out of our customers unless we do something to improve the connectivity bandwidth to the region.”

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