BSNL Reformulate 4 Mbps and 8 Mbps Plans In All Circles

BSNL has decided to reformulate 4 Mbps and 8 Mbps broadband plans in all the circles. For the same purpose, the company has come up with three BB plans on promotional basis for an initial duration of 90 days starting from July 6, 2015. Here are the details of these plans-

(1) BBG Combo ULD 2091: With 4Mbps speed upto 80GB and 512 Kbps beyond that, BBG Combo ULD 2091 is available for a monthly payment of Rs. 2091 and annual charges of Rs. 23001.

(2) BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295: With 8 Mbps average speed upto 80 GB and 512 Kbps beyond that, this plan is made for those who need high volume of data at a swift speed. It is available for monthly charges of Rs. 2295 and annual charges of Rs. 25,245.

(3) BBG Speed Combo ULD 2841: If you need a massive volume of high speed data, go for this plan. Users get 8 Mbps speed for up to 175 GB and 512 Kbps beyond that. The charges account Rs. 2841 on monthly basis and Rs. 31,251 on yearly basis.



Particulars BBG Combo ULD 2091 BBGSpeed Combo  ULD 2295 BBG Speed Combo ULD 2841
Download Speed 4 Mbps upto 80GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 Mbps upto 80GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 Mbps upto 175 GB, 512 Kbps beyond
Monthly Charges (Rs.) 2091 2295 2841
Annual Charges (Rs.) 23001 25245 31251
Security Deposit One Month charges One Month charges One Month charges
Minimum Hire Period One Month One Month One Month
Additional facility Unlimited free calls between 9PM to 7AM to any network in India

(B) Upgradation of existing BB plan (for existing & new BB customers) with effect from July 1, 2015 in all the Circles

Plan Name Bandwidth (Download Speed)
Existing Revised
BBG Combo ULD 1495 4 Mbps up to 20GB, 512 Kbps beyond 4 Mbps upto 30GB, 512 Kbps beyond

(C) Extension of promotional plan ‘BBG Combo ULD 1441 CS53’ to all the circles on regular basis with effect from July 6, 2015.

Existing Revised
Plan Name Applicability Plan Applicability
BBG Combo

ULD 1441CS53

All users in Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Phagwara SSAs of Punjab Circle on promotional basis for 90 days w.e.f. April 1, 2015 BBG Combo

ULD 1441

All users in All the circles on regular basis

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December 28, 2015 1:45 am 1:45 AM

Is BBG Speed Combo ULD 2841 available in Odisha circle? If yes then can anybody tell me how’s the service?

Thanks in advance!

September 4, 2015 8:40 pm 8:40 PM
I am from Orissa .my previous plan was bb home combo 1099 cs39 with 4mbps download speed. Yesterday I changed my plan to the new BBG Combo ULD 1441.After submitting the form The BSNL JTO checked that plan in the computer & changed it. After receiving the conformation I was very happy and immediately checked the speed of my connection. But it was still showing 4mbps downloading speed. (Downstream Data Rate -3999). I restarted the modem a few times but the speed didn’t change. I called the bsnl jto to fix this problem. He uncapped my port for 8 mbps… Read more »
December 8, 2015 5:48 pm 5:48 PM

This is a major problem.
We did the same.
The system started to show new plan but the data stream remained the same old one…

So paying for 8 mbps and getting 4mbps

July 22, 2015 1:01 am 1:01 AM

Today i webmnt to exchange to change by plan to bbg combo 1441. 8 mbps planthey told me its not updated in the system so they csnt take requests when i enquired in how much time it would be updated they dont have any idea ????

@ telecomtalk guys help here

Is this the same issue you guys are facing for these plans