Broadband: Tips to Utilise Data in the Best Possible Manner

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Using internet is all fun and satisfying until you run out of data. You either need to wait for a new day to arrive for data to be reset if you have a daily limit or need to pay for it to start using the internet again. One thing that all of us have done is - use data carelessly. Since data is limited, you should be very careful about how you use it. Because you don’t want your data to run out while you are in an important video call or during the climax of a movie. It would be very frustrating. So here are a few tips on how you can use your broadband data or mobile data in the best possible manner.

Change Your Auto-Update Settings

If you exhaust your data most of the times and you don’t even know why it happened, then check your app update settings. Be it Google Play Store or Apple App Store, apps can auto-update if the settings are like that. Updates can eat a lot of your data, sometimes the whole of it because they can be big. Thus ensure that auto-update setting is switched off.

Check Background Data Usage

It is important that you know how much data your apps are consuming in the background. Usually, this isn’t a very big problem. Be it broadband or mobile data, it can be exhausted in some cases with high background data usage of apps. You can go to the settings and check data usage of the apps from there. Remove the apps which consume a lot of data unnecessarily.

Browse Smartly

If you are exhausting your broadband data or mobile data with your smartphone, you might not be browsing smartly. There are two ways in which you can browse through your smartphone — mobile view and desktop view. Generally, desktop view consumes more data than the mobile view. So switch browsing to mobile view right now if you are browsing in desktop view and notice if you see a change in your data consuming pattern.

Cache Google Maps

If you are someone who uses Google Maps for navigation purposes, then download the map of the area you want to explore or navigate through. If you use the map more regularly and for many hours for delivery purposes, then just downloading the area of the map would be a smart thing to do. It would save you a lot of data.

Limit Streaming Services

One of the most reckless ways of burning data is streaming a lot at very high quality. Be aware of the amount of data that you get every day or every month and stream accordingly. Set a strict time for yourself so that you don’t stream more than your time limit. Use Wi-Fi and broadband connections more for streaming high-quality videos and music.

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